Clowns never have and never will be funny.

In fact, I’d go as far as saying they’re universally hated – because there’s something strangely unnerving about a grown man hiding behind face paint and being overly happy all the time.

I don’t trust em, I tells yah.

Obviously the whole thing about the killer clown craze doesn’t help either, but by and large they make for perfect horror movie fodder.

You only have to look at the success of last year’s It.

Jumping on the clown bandwagon, Clownado – which is a fresh take on the Sharknado series about a load of sharks wreaking havoc – is bringing all the gore you could possibly imagine to the big screen.

I mean presumably the two concepts – tornados and clowns – are going to be merged together somehow but even from the trailer I’m not sure how/why.

There’s a clip of what looks a bit like a stormy tornado but apart from that I have no idea.

See what you think.

So yeah, that’s a thing, just like Sharknado 2: The Second OneSharknado 3: Oh Hell No!Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, Sharknado 5: Global Swarming and The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time.

It honestly looks weird as hell but I guess that’s the appeal with these kind of movies, which for some strange reason, are immensely popular.

Indeed, Clownado only exists because people wanted it to, with the makers surpassing their $15,000 goal on Indiegogo, according to Bloody Disgusting.

Director Todd Sheets tried to make sense of the whole thing:

He said:

“The goal with Clownad

o was to make a damned good, scary and splatter-filled, nonstop roller coaster ride. It’s something new, fresh, original and unique but also familiar.

“Using only practical special makeup effects and old school styled visual effects, Clownadohas the vibe of classic horror movies we love. Think Evil Dead, Dead Alive, Bad Taste and Texas Chainsaw Massacre if Lucio Fulci was directing, all mixed in a swirling storm of insanity.”

I know I’m supposed to sit here and remain impartial but this thing just isn’t my cup of tea at all.

Clowns? Blood? Tornados?

Give me ‘A Star Is Born’ any day of the week.

Images via Extreme Entertainment/YouTube