A Greenpeace stunt went horribly wrong when the paraglider nearly crashed into fans at yesterday’s France vs Germany match.

The activist was reportedly supposed to drop a ball brandishing the words “Kick Out Oil” onto the pitch when he clipped television cables hanging from the roof of the Allianz Arena in Munich.

The paraglider lost control of his vessel but fortunately managed to avoid contact with fans.

Although two people were hospitalized after the wreckage fell from the roof of the stand and hit them on the head.

Greenpeace has since apologized for the screw up saying that it “did not go as planned.”

It is reported that the French head coach Didier Deschamps had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit by a large piece of debris.

He said he sustained a “little bruise.”

The German newspaper Bild reported that one of the people injured sustained facial fractures.

The activist was unscathed and escorted off the pitch by stewards.

In an official statement, Greenpeace said: “We sincerely apologize to the two people injured and to fans and players alike.

“The paraglider was supposed to go over the stadium and let a soft ball float down to the pitch with a protest message to EURO 2020 sponsor Volkswagen.

“We are calling on it to put an end date to the production of climate-damaging internal combustion engine cars and transition to EVs faster.

“Technical difficulties forced the pilot to an emergency landing in the stadium.”

UEFA responded by saying: “This inconsiderate act – which could have had very serious consequences for a huge number of people attending – caused injuries to several people attending the game who are now in hospital.

“The staging of the match was fortunately not impacted by such a reckless and dangerous action, but several people were injured nonetheless.

“UEFA and its partners are fully committed to a sustainable Euro 2020 tournament and many initiatives have been implemented to offset carbon emissions.”

They added that the stunt was “reckless and dangerous’” and that “law authorities will take the necessary action.”

France went on to beat Germany 1-0 in the Group F match with Paul Pogba suffering from a rather unusual injury.

It has been confirmed that the German defender Antonio Rudiger nibbled Pogba’s shoulder which rightly alarmed and annoyed the Manchester United player.

No further action was taken against Rudiger as the incident went unnoticed until half-time.

How far is too far when protesting?