Only once has the world been collectively pissed off with Sir David Attenborough and that wasn’t even his fault.

When the name of the Natural Environment Research Council research vessel was put up to public vote, people voted in their droves to have it christened Boaty McBoatface but in their infinite wisdom, NERC elected to ignore that completely.

They instead opted to call it RRS Sir David Attenborough as a massive cop out and everyone was livid. So that’s the only reason people have ever been mad at Attenborough but like I say, it wasn’t his fault. He’s just too loved.

With that in mind, it’s extremely good news that the knight of the realm is back with not one, but two new documentaries.

The first is called One Planet, Seven Worlds and will follow animals across the seven continents, with Attenborough delving into how the different characteristics of each continent affects the lives of the creatures living there.

As you may expect, the show will feature cutting-edge technology that will be able to give us an insight into each unique, the likes of which we have never seen before.

The second show is a BBC and PBS joint-venture, called Green Planet. This comes off the back of Planet Earth and Blue Planet, and will look into the “lives” of plant life across the globe.

I’ll be honest, this one sounds more boring.

Sir David’s role in this one isn’t yet known, but he’s certainly being used to draw people in, so hopefully he’ playing a big part.

BBC Controller of Factual Commissioning Alison Kirkham said:

The BBC has a unique commitment to factual programming. I don’t believe any other broadcaster in British television has such an extraordinary breath of output in Factual.

Plenty of other broadcasters are now following our lead, but we’re determined to keep moving the conversation forwards.

That’s what makes the BBC special – the desire to anticipate and stimulate the national conversation, not motivated by commercial imperatives or what’s in fashion.

It’s always been important to me that we are a department with integrity and in turn it means that people have been generous enough to trust us with their most intimate stories – be that filmmakers, contributors, or famous faces. Tonight I re-affirm that commitment.

Well, I’ll certainly be watching both of them. As of yet, we don’t know when to expect them, but I’m sure we’ll let you know when we do…

Can’t get enough of lovely David.

Images via BBC, British Antarctic Survey