I’m sceptical when I hear about a new film being the the scariest thing since sliced bread (that doesn’t work, does it?) because more often than not, they’re just…not.

While the horror genre may be the strongest it’s been in years, most recent horror flicks tend to focus on some variation of a haunted doll, a nun and…white people? (that’s a poor attempt at a Get Out reference before you complain to Hook HQ).

Nevertheless, every year the ‘audiences were SO terrified at (insert pretentious European film festival here) that they had to walk out’ tagline gets rolled out and the film in questions’ box office numbers sky-rocket.

(Yeah, I’m talking about Hereditary.)

However, Antrum, which is actually getting billed as “the deadliest movie ever made”,  makes all those ‘scary’ films that have come before it look like a picnic in Hyde Park on a warm summer’s day.

The lost movie – which has also been described as “the holy grail of underground cult films the no one has seen” – was actually filmed in the 1970s, and has been shrouded in mystery until recently getting bought via an online auction.

The occult-heavy horror, which is set for its World Premiere at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, was shot in California and focuses on a pair of young siblings who head into the woods to grieve over a dead pet and unwittingly discover a literal Hell on Earth.


The festival also explains why the film has achieved such notoriety:

“A theater in Budapest screened it in 1988 and burned to the ground; several film festival programmers attempted to play it before mysteriously dying; and a violent and blood-drenched San Francisco riot followed a mid-’90s revival effort.”

The trailer, as well as the movie’s official website, also comes with a warning to anyone daft enough to watch it:

“Warning: Be advised some images and material on this website are believedto be cursed. While the notion of a curse may be debated, this content has a history of triggering emotional duress and provoking physical or psychological danger. By entering this site you agree that you are releasing Else Films of all liability associated with any event following your viewing. it is recommended not to view this content alone.”

The trailer doesn’t show much actual footage of Antrum because the original film will be screened after a 15 minute documentary put together by filmmakers Michael Laicini and David Amito which chronicles the movies chequered history.

You can, however, get a flavour of the film from the trailer below (if you dare):

Yep, it looks evil, alright.

The thing for me, though, is that horror films are just like spicy food: there’s a ceiling point to how much I can actually handle.

Anything above that embarrassingly low threshold is a waste of time because it stops being enjoyable and instead descends into ‘this is getting out of hand, now’ territory.

If you don’t believe me just read Alfie’s article about us eating the world’s hottest curry.

I hated it, just like I know I’d hate watching this.

Maybe you’ll enjoy it though?

Images via A24/Else Films