Picture the scene; it’s coming up to the world cup and Gareth Southgate decides that he needs a new addition to the team. For some reason, he decides to open up the team spot to a competition and against all odds, you win said competition.

Before you know it, you’re stepping onto the pitch and 120 minutes later, you’re taking the first penalty against Colombia. It’s hard to totally imagine, granted, but anything’s possible…

It’s every aspiring musician or sportsman’s dream to play in a venue way above their remit, and while it remains a pipe-dream for most, it can actually happen. And happen it did!

Sort of… we were lucky enough to cover the rise of the DJ JMP Musique, all thanks to Relentless.

Let me explain; Relentless have an amazing stage at the Leeds Festival, surrounded by woods and dazzling lights and while high-calibre acts such as Jax Jones and Mike Skinner performed there over the weekend, they wanted to give something back to a more humble faction of the genre.

In comes JMP Musique, as he won the opportunity to perform a set at Leeds Festival in front of a packed crowd, opening for Jax Jones.

The Hook were given the chance to follow JMP during his journey, and we caught up with him after he finished opening the set.

He said that he was absolutely buzzing and loved every moment of it.

This isn’t the last you’ll be hearing of JMP Musique, rest assured. Relentless have more or less sealed his fate now…

Images via Instagram

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