Last year, the Wetherspoons Christmas burger was absolutely 100% gorgeous.

The beef, as you may suspect, was average, but almost everything else about it worked delightfully. There was a fried Camembert that melted everywhere, cranberry sauce on top of that, and a couple of pigs in blankets on a cocktail stick, holding the burger together.


This year, slightly worse; the Camenbert’s been replaced with brie and that’s simply not good enough.

With all of that said, regardless of this year’s disappointing burger, Wetherspoons have somehow upped their game from the previous festivities.

The most Christmassy of all foods, pizza, is now available to buy with extra-added Christmasness; namely pigs in blankets… on said pizza!

The pizza also comes with brie and rocket, and totals at a robust 1077 calories. One of those would keep you ticking over through the whole of Winter.

If the pizza’s not your speed but you like the vibe, then fear not, as Wetherspoon are also giving you the chance to buy the pigs in blankets on their own as a side-dish. What’s not to love?

For the more health-conscious out there, the Prawn and avocado wrap might be to your liking, complete with a delicate Marie Rose & Prosecco sauce. 611 calories, so hardly the quinoa salad but it is Christmas.

The list goes on for pudding, as the Baileys chocolate bread & butter pudding is a new festive addition, alongside the Melty mallow stack. The former consists of a buttery panettone sweet bread, layered with milk chocolate and baked in a Baileys custard, complete with dark chocolate stars and ice cream.

As for the latter, you’ll be getting a Lotus Biscoff biscuit base and biscuit spread with a chocolate brownie, topped with a layer of fluffy mallow.

Looks like Spoons are really pushing the boat out this time. Good for them.

Images via Wetherspoons