If you’ve ever been to a festival or general event where alcohol is served, you’ll know that getting a drink can be a nightmare.

You’ve got to leave your seat/place where you’ve been standing, queue for about two hours and then try capture the attention of the person behind the bar to serve you.

It’s a pain in the arse.

Well, my friends, this next woman has changed the game, as she’s used a crafty set of ‘binoculars’ as a hiding place for booze.

The unknown girl was caught on camera while watching the races at Cheltenham Racecourse, with eagle-eyed viewers noticing something sneaky when the camera panned to her.

Have a look for yourself.

Yep, that is a binocular-shaped flask.

Utter genius.

Twitter was loving her efforts:

2019, you’re shaping up to be a great year already.

Images via Twitter