When I was a lot younger, I was absolutely convinced that even as a teen, I was in with a shot with Emma Watson. I genuinely believed it could happen if I grinded hard enough.

God knows why. I couldn’t pull in a brothel.

Anyway, one woman clearly felt the same, since she was sold down the river of thinking she’d managed to tie Hollywood’s Christopher Hemsworth – of The Saddle Club fame – down to a steady relationship.

The 42-year-old Russian married mother-of-two was conned out of £11,500 when she was led to believe that the Dancing with the Stars… star was in to her, after feeling lonely.

The woman in question admitted to going through struggles in her relationship, and when Hemsworth messaged her with “Hey, I am Chris Hemsworth, I am a famous actor from Australia, I live in California. You are so pretty, can we chat?” she obliged.

She was told that the money she sent would go towards paying for parking for the star’s private jet, as he was going through some monetary issues of his own. The scammers told her that he [Hemsworth] was feeling lonely, and that’s why he was looking her way.

The woman said to her local newspaper:

I am not a fan, but he is still a very attractive man.

I checked him online and saw that he was married and had three children.

I thought, what if he was in the same situation as I was, that on the face of it we were both married and at the same time very lonely.

She was then contacted by the actor’s supposed lawyer, who went as far as sending her a fake ID belonging to Hemsworth.

An Irkutsk city police source said:

The woman said that she was separately contacted by the actor’s lawyer, who told her that ‘Chris’ was going through temporary financial difficulties.

He needed money to pay for a visa, insurance and parking for his private jet in Siberia.

The lawyer asked her to transfer money and sent her Chris’s driving license as a guarantee of a pay back.”

Once the money was sent, the fake social media accounts were immediately deleted.

Poor woman. Did she not check to see if the account was verified? I wonder if Hemsworth sees this story…

Images via The Siberian Times, Getty