Ah Tinder… it’s here to stay, isn’t it?

I hate Tinder but I’m also a coward so god knows I’m not deleting the app and talking to someone in person. I could die.

At the moment there’s still a few people who still find it slightly controversial that there’s married couples out there who met through the dating app, but I get the feeling in 40 years all of our children will find it weird if you met your partner on a night out.

In person?!” they’ll say, riding their hover bikes, “that’s so drosmo (a common expression in 2059)!” they’ll continue, as they play with their hover yo-yos. It’s a brave new world.

Anyway, one woman in Melbourne, Australia, has decided to stop embracing the future as she turned her back on Tinder, elected to post dating applications through strangers’ letter boxes. The old fashioned way.

Who remembers that bit from Skyfall?

Anyway, the 26-year-old complains in her letter about the superficiality of dating apps, before requesting her suitors are physically fit.

She also instantly writes off anyone whose mental health is less than perfect, claiming that she doesn’t want to be her boyfriend’s therapist. Going by her attitude, I’m not sure there’s a call for that.

Give the letter a read…

I can’t believe she’s single…

Aren’t friends with benefits and f*ck buddies the same thing?

But hey, I also love keeping active with plants. Seriously, re-read the letter. She says that she loves keeping active with many things, including plants. How does one keep active with plants?

There’s a lot wrong with her letter but I’d say that calling someone with mental health issues “unsexy” is pretty egregious.

If you’re not put off by any of this and you fall into this lady’s unwavering parameters, then why not sling [email protected] a message. You may just find your future wife.

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