As a little troll man of 5’8″, I’m often up to my face in the armpits of “real” men on the tube. Luckily, being short has its perks, and having the low center of gravity I have means I don’t have to hold onto things to stay steady… sometimes. I’d trade that for half a foot though.

Anyway, I’m venting.

Believe it or not, not all short people are great at staying upright – the more slender you are, the harder it becomes – and when you’re surrounded by tall people on the bus or the tube who are blocking your path to a balancing agent (say, a pole), how do you remain on your feet when your transit becomes turbulent?

One woman found the perfect solution to the age old question, and utilised her MacGuyver-esque skills on a busy bus in Huai’an City, within the eastern Jiangsu Province of China earlier this year…

I mean that’s genius. Issue being, what if it’s also raining? Toilet plunger in one hand and umbrella in the other? Not sure I could be arsed for lugging all of that around.

Also, how does she manage to create a vacuum on an air vent? Am I missing something?

Another good way to get enough space to balance yourself on public transport is to scream, ear-piercingly loud. You’ll find that people literally make way for you as you find something to steady yourself on or maybe even a seat will clear up.

That said, if you walk onto a train or a bus with a toilet plunger, people are definitely making way for you. That’s just the way of the world.

Another life-hack; become a bus driver and there will always be a seat reserved for you!

Images via YouTube