There’s so many people in the world being cheated on that I feel pretty privileged to have never been one of them. Well, not that I know of, anyway.

Sure, you have to be in a relationship to be cheated on but the sentiment remains; no one wants to cheat on ya boi… again, that I know of.

From the top of my head, I can only imagine three things that would sort of soften the blow from being cheated on; immediately meeting someone nicer, having the person who cheated on you be cheated on by the person the cheated on you for, or becoming friends with the other person who was cheated on.

This Twitter thread is a tale of the latter, as the women were overheard plotting to catch out their husbands, both of whom had turned out to be gay and were sleeping with each other.

The conspiring was overheard by filmmaker BJ Colangelo who, perhaps immorally, live-tweeted the affair (so to speak)…

What a saga.

I hope it went OK…

Images via Netflix, Imgur