True story; around a year ago I wrote up a news story which somehow centred around feet. I can’t remember the specifics of it but at some point my feet came up – of which I’m not a fan.

Literally minutes after the story was published and on Facebook, I got a tweet from someone asking in great detail about my feet. Do they smell? How big are they? Can they have a look? I did what any sane person would do and ignored the tweets until they stopped (a day or two).

I looked at this person’s account and apparently all they did was tweet at various male actors about their feet in certain scenes of their films. God knows how I ended up in that mess.

Regardless, I realised there was money to be made from the situation. I didn’t pursue the career, of course – I have too much shame in my life as it is – but it remains to be seen how much money I could have made.

As for some people in the world, they fully embrace the whims requests of foot fetishists, and they make some serious bank.

One woman – Roxy Sykes, 33 – earns up to and beyond £100,000-a-year by selling pictures of her feet, used socks and shoes to various interested parties.

She said she started it as a side project when a colleague told her that she had beautiful feet, so she made an Instagram account to sell her goods. A pair of used socks will set you back £20, while some shoes cost a whopping £200!

Roxy said:

After being told by a colleague that I had beautiful feet, I was convinced to set up a social media account to show them off.

But it wasn’t until I started getting thousands of followers and messages about selling used items that I realised I could profit from it.

I didn’t show my face or anything at first, so I knew people were just interested in me for my feet, so it didn’t feel too personal.

But when I started selling I got a real buzz from it and realised just how much I could make from selling shoes and socks from time to time.

I realised how much money I could truly make on my busiest month, where I saw over £8000 come in just for videos, socks and shoes.

Now I can never see myself stopping this – however old I get my feet will always be able to make me money.”

While it started out with videos, Roxy wanted to compete… toe to toe… with her opposites, also making money with their feet. With that, she branched out to socks and shoes.

Posting photos and videos of my feet was all well and good, but people always wanted more and wanted to physically own something to do with my feet.

Pairs of shoes that I would wear for two months would sell for £200, and a pair of socks that I wore for a day would sell for £20.

Then a single video of even me just wiggling my toes would make £100, so I was really raking in a lot of money.

I really like what I do, and I think that’s because I really got desensitised from it and saw it as work.

I have never had any trouble getting into relationships because of what I do, and my friends and family are on board with what I do.

It’s great to be able to get home from a normal working day to know I can make a bit of extra money from a photo of my feet.

I know it’s something I will never stop doing – the money is so good and it’s so easy, there’s no reason I would!

Since things are going so well for her, Roxy has decided to help other fetish models reach their dreams of making bank through the love of various parts of their bodies.

It’s also amazing to see people’s confidence grow when they make these videos and start to earn money from something like a pair of socks.

Working as a team together also helps to beat the stigma and make the industry less frowned upon.”

Keep on trucking. I’d do it if I had the cajones… lack of cajones could get me some money. Oh god I hope I don’t become a cuckold.

H/T: Metro