I’ve spoken at length about how unfruitful Tinder is.

Sure, online dating is a breeze for those super good-looking, healthy people who travel the world, but for the rest of us it’s a numbers game that simply boils down to: the more I swipe right, the more chance I have at a match.

We’ve all had our fair share of awful Tinder dates (I once spent £150 on a date with a girl I wasn’t bothered about but because I didn’t want to cut it short and hurt her feelings, I kept going) and it seems Natalie Palmer is no different.

The student claims she’s had 40 ‘atrocious’ dates in the past nine months, so in order to boost her chances of finding a mate, she’s gone to extreme (and very creative) lengths.

She’s created a Tinder presentation called ‘Why you should swipe me’, which includes five slides that reveal she’s ‘obsessed’ with pizza, house proud, and has no qualms with sporting face mask in front of you.

The 23-year old was encouraged to do it after getting fed up of going home alone. She is now hoping the innovative ad will get men swiping right and bag her a dream date.

She said:

“I’m 2019’s Bridget Jones because I always end up going home alone.

“I’ve done about 40 dates in nine months – they’ve all been atrocious.

“I was just lying in bed looking through my phone and wanted to do something creative with my profile as I’d not been getting matches.

“Originality is pretty low these days. So many girls have Snapchat animal filters on their photos and boring bios, so I thought I’d do a presentation through Snapchat. 

“It took me over an hour thinking of pros and cons, getting the photos and putting it all together as I couldn’t stop laughing.”

The first thing Natalie lists in her bio are her positive traits which she hopes captures bachelors’ attention – before moving onto her cons.

Natalie said:

“I’ve got a thing about hoovering twice a day and mopping – I’m really house proud – that’s wife material. 

“It’s nice to walk into a nice fresh-smelling house and just be happy about it. It’s also a sense of stress relief for me, I just get the hoover out and within five minutes I’ve calmed myself down.”

Next, she details her previous employment to show potential matches her strong work ethic and qualities they may find attractive.

She says she listed them because it shows a caring and trusting side and that she has a strong work ethic.

Natalie then reveals that the way to her heart was not through fine dining, but pizza.

Most guys ask where your favourite place to eat is and I’m really fussy with food. I don’t like Indian, I don’t like steak I just like pizza. 

“It’s easier to just rock up on a date and eat pizza – meatballs and sweetcorn is my favourite topping.”

Finally she revealed her love of the outdoors including walking, running and hiking, while detailing her cons as liking cuddles, red wine and lacking common sense.

Natalie said: “I like being cuddled and have been dumped twice for being too affectionate.”

The penultimate slide shows what she has called the ‘reality’ of dating her, including a picture of her wearing a charcoal face mask, with a red wine emoji over her outstretched hand.

And in the final slide shows Natalie’s head superimposed onto the now infamous picture of Susan Boyle wearing her dressing gown and waving to the cameras.

Natalie said:

“That’s me waving them off to work in the morning. I don’t have an actual photo of me doing that so I had to improvise.

“Hopefully this presentation gets me the man of my dreams.”

And who is that man of her dreams? Well, she’s not that fussy, fellas.

Natalie said she is looking beyond superficial looks and is searching for someone who will click with her personality.

“In terms of my ideal man I’ve got no preference, I don’t even go for looks. 

“As long as they get my sense of humour and sarcasm I think we would get on fine.”

I genuinely don’t know how she’s struggled to get a date.

She seems open, funny and honest.

I know a bunch of guys that would be interested in dating her. In fact, I’ve got one sat right next to me – Hook writer Alfie Powell.

Natalie, if you’re reading this, get in touch.

Images via Kennedy News and Media

H/T: Daily Mail