You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, because I’m literally never f*cking off it, but I hate Tinder. It just seems so fake and nothing like a real relationship. I’m not myself on it, no-one else is themselves, I’m constantly on edge and it simultaneously raises my self-esteem and makes me feel like genuine sh*t.

What am I talking about? It’s exactly like a real relationship.

With everything said about Tinder though, it is good for a few laughs and yeah, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had a good time on there. On Tinder, mind, not because of Tinder.

Anyway, Emily Cochran was the latest person to go viral because of some Tinder antics and the story is absolutely hilarious.

Matching with a man called Drew on the app, the conversation worked its way to the drink La Croix (if you’ve not tried it, imagine licking the dew of an apple and then scratching your tongue and you’re close).

Drew revealed that he had recently found a rack of the drink on the pavement and was delighted to take it home. All was well for the two, as they discussed how amazing that was.

However simultaneously, Emily was talking to another man, Raymond, who had a sad tale to tell.

He revealed how he had left some drinks outside for two minutes (for whatever reason) and was distraught to find them taken.

Wondering whether or not this could be a huge coincidence, Emily enquired as to whether the drinks were La Croix and lo and behold, they were!

Young Drew had stolen young Raymond’s flavourless flavoured drinks and Emily had matched with both of them on Tinder!

Not only that, but both Raymond and Drew met up in Emily’s honour afterwards…

How lovely, eh? Emily seems great and everything but one tweet seemed to sum up what we were all thinking…

Images via Twitter, Tinder