If I were going to propose to someone, my primary worry wouldn’t be that she’d say no. You see, I never leave anything to chance. When it comes to first kisses, asking someone on a date, and ultimately seeing if they want to be my girlfriend, I have to be so sure that the sentiment will be reciprocated that it never goes wrong.

Events are just few and far between. I’m petrified of embarrassment.

My primary worry would in fact be that I might be making a huge mistake, followed by my choice of ring. Too small? Too tacky? Hard work.

Whatever happens though, it can’t be as bad as how this woman responded to her engagement ring. Her fiancé proposed and, presumably, she was grateful on the inside but in her head, she was gutted about the ring. So gutted in fact, that she took to Mumsnet to bemoan it.

It didn’t go down too well…

I mean, objectively the ring is small and you are allowed to be disappointed by things. But with that, you also have to consider people’s feelings and your own attitude. The woman posted anonymously (although it’s done the rounds to such an extent that I doubt it’s a secret anymore) she did conduct herself pretty poorly.

People had some choice words for her over the web…

The post has since been deleted.

I wonder if they’re still engaged..?

Images via Mumsnet, Facebook