I get that weddings are stressful occasions where a lot can go wrong.

With that in mind, I think it’s not only reasonable but acceptable that a flustered bride can be a bit of a diva, or bridezilla, on her big day.

For a bridesmaid to be a complete and utter d*ick, though, well that’s just out of order.

I say this because a woman called *Lindsay* (that’s not her real name) has gone viral after she was “robbed” at her best friend’s wedding – by none other than her co-maid of honour.

Lindsay says she was asked to be her best friend’s maid of honour and spent “ages” perfecting what she was going to say in the speech, only for it to be completely stolen by this other woman.

Sadly for her, the co-maid of honour was called upon to deliver her speech first and Lindsay says it was “almost word-for-word” the same as hers.

What a nightmare.

“I planned my speech for weeks. I wrote about one of the first interactions between the bride and groom where I happened to be there when it happened,” Lindsay told Metro.co.uk.

“About two weeks before the big day, Sandra called because she wanted to talk about her speech. She didn’t really know what to say. So I offered up some advice that it may be great to talk about childhood stories with the bride, how great they are, etc.

“She said that’s a great idea. And she asked me about my speech so I gave her the Cliff Notes version along with the story I planned to tell.

“Fast forward to the big day: guess who still hasn’t planned her speech? If you guessed Sandra, 10 points for Gryffindor. She whips out her laptop that morning and begins drafting. Bride and I roll our eyes and start getting ready. I didn’t check in with her to see what she planned to say.”

Lindsay says when the reception started her friend went first, using the “exact story I had planned, the compliments, the jokes, everything”.

“And there was nothing I could do about it right there in the middle of the reception,” she commented.

Lindsay says her first reaction was to “panic”.

“With only 30 seconds between speeches, I didn’t have a lot of options nor any time to ask the DJ to let me go last,” she says. “I ended up just telling my speech as is, adding in a few extra details.”

“I felt super lame and I was pissed,” she added.

Sadly, Lindsay didn’t get any revenge either, but she did tell the bride some time later that her speech had been plagiarised.

Apparently, they laughed over it, with the bride agreeing that it was lame to copy someone else’s speech.

The nerve of the woman – I’d be absolutely fuming.

I sincerely hope she never gets invited to another wedding again for pulling a stunt like that, let alone being asked to be a honour.

Then again, when has two of anything ever worked? Two presidents, two managers, two sports captains.

There’s a reason these roles aren’t shared…

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