I’m at that point now that when I have to fill my car, I go into total autopilot; I can stop dead on £20, walk into the shop, ruin the round number by buying a bag of Maltesers and a bottle of water and then drive off.

The problem with this little power is that it doesn’t account for certain contingencies, such as what if the pump doesn’t work.

That happened last time I went to fill up my car. I went into autopilot and probably stood there, standing like a teapot for all of two minutes, staring into the middle distance and not realising that nothing was coming out of the pump.

Quite embarrassing but it could have been worse. For example, my car takes petrol, so at least I didn’t look completely stupid. One woman, on the other hand, did look fairly foolish, to say the least, as she tried to fuel here electric-powered Tesla with some unleaded.

The incident was filmed, uploaded to YouTube and it’s pretty funny. Something about people hysterically laughing for minutes on end really enhances a video…

I mean at least she saw the funny side. That makes it alright, doesn’t it?

After two and a half minutes of solid laughter, the guy in the car behind decided to help. I’m glad he waited for her to open the boot though.

Is this honestly the first time she’s ever ruin out of juice in that car? Does someone else usually recharge it? The only reason to buy a Tesla is you’re a fan of non-petrol cars or enjoy dying in fires; how did she not know it was an electric car?!

It’s nice to end the year with a video that can only make people happy. “Woman tries to fill Tesla with petrol” in what YouTube Rewind 2018 should have been.

Images via YouTube, BBC