‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’.

Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, but when said woman has been cheated on by her husband I think it’s perfectly acceptable for her to be p*ssed off while seeking some form of revenge.

Instead of sitting around looking at old photos and feeling sorry for herself after learning of her husband’s unfaithfulness, one woman decided to write a brilliantly petty Gumtree advert to sell a Pandora charm bracelet he had previously bought for her.

The woman, known simply as AM, listed the $350 (£194) article of jewellery last week – and the post has attracted tens of thousands of views since then.

“I’m selling the Pandora bracelet that my ex-husband thoughtfully put together for me while he lied to me throughout our marriage,” wrote the woman from Melbourne. “It turns out that pretty trinkets don’t pay for betrayal.”

The advert goes on to list of the details of the bracelet’s charms, which include a hippo, an amethyst spacer, and purple beads.

She proceeds to give hilarious cutting description of the charms her adulterous ex gave her:

‘Safety chain with 14ct yellow gold hearts – designed to keep the bracelet together better than our marriage.’

‘Chick – like the babies he was trying to force me to have because he wanted babies before he was 30 and wouldn’t entertain the discussion about what I wanted.

‘Heart with a 14ct yellow gold arrow – symbolising the pain in my heart when I found out about the lies. And then again, when I found out how long they’d been going on for.

‘Limited edition teddy bear with 14ct yellow gold heart – much like the limited nature of his trustworthiness.

‘Bride & groom dancing – not that we ever danced. He hated dancing but I loved it. Oh and god forbid some guy approached me on the dance floor. The one time I didn’t move a guy on quickly enough, a scotch glass came hurtling through the air at me to let me know of my ex’s displeasure.

‘Forever together – apparently not.’


The advert ends with:

‘The pieces are all in very good condition (much like I am now after the divorce).

‘Payment: PayPal or cash (apparently tears of my enemy is not a legitimate payment type).’

As far as adverts go that’s right up there.

Apparently, there have already been two offers have made for the bracelet so if you fancy taking the tainted piece off her you should act quickly.

For some reason, there’s been a lot of cheating stories out there today.

Her husband isn’t this bloke, is he?

Images via Gumtree