I like the idea of sending the people I leave after I die on a huge treasure hunt for no particular reason. In an ideal world, I’d have made enough money in my life for the people to complete said hunt to actually get something but if not, then a fun joke should suffice.

Maybe I’ll do some research into prevailing winds and such and ask my family to scatter my ashes on a hilltop where I know they’ll blow straight back into their faces? Seems a bit cruel, really.

I don’t know but I think Phedre Nicol found the perfect post-passing prank to play when she asked her husband to fulfil a task once she died.

Back in 2013 when she was battling cancer, Nicol asked her husband to carry on watering the plant in their South African home and, after she sadly passed away that same year, Nigel did exactly that.

Year later and now 74, Nigel is moving to a retirement home and because the ferns in the bathroom are still in such good shape, he decided to pack them along with him…

She had him watering plastic for four years. That’s commitment to a prank.

Daughter Antonia, from London, explained to The Mirror that no-one else was in the joke:

My mum battled cancer for five years, but sadly passed away in November 2013. She was hospitalised for the last few weeks. It was very traumatic for all of us. I live here in London, so I was back and forth to South Africa a lot.

When she was in hospital, she told my dad that he was under strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom. There was a purpose built container for real plants with a drain, but my mum must have replaced them with plastic ones. None of us knew.

It was hilarious. They were always jokers. Once, my daughter sent them a picture she had drawn of ‘naughty Grandad’ jumping on the bed and granny being shocked. They recreated the picture and sent it back to her.

Excellent stuff. 

Images via Twitter