Honestly I didn’t know that X Factor was on but that’s just part of life. You realise Saturday TV has changed all together and then people start talking about who’s going to top the charts in time for Christmas.

It seems like a lot of ‘unscripted’ shows – basically every American chat show – are now designed exclusively to be watched in two-minute bursts on YouTube and X Factor has been added to the list. People only watch it if someone who isn’t conventionally attractive is surprisingly talented or someone makes a tit of themselves.

Tommy Ludford is a member of the latter category, as he fell off the stage while performing his song. You can’t write this stuff.

Singing what I think is his own song – some kind of Nizlopi-esque ballad that would have been popular ten years ago – he takes a step backwards as his performance draws to a close. However, all is not well, as the stage is in the shape on an X, and he does his best Gemma Collins impression as he disappears off of it.

Have a watch…


His hat fell off.

Lovely Dermot O’Leary is the first on the scene because of course he is.

Look at the way it’s edited. Deep, tense music as all of the stage hands run over to him and then a jaunty, celebratory vibe when he get’s up.

It’s like the tale of Humpty Dumpty with a happy ending. The story we all needed to see.

Tommy Ludford, 20, from Sussex is a kitchen porter, but that could be set to change as he’s one step away from being accepted into the judges’ houses.

Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to get over the embarrassment, and would probably move to Alaska to gut fish or something after that little mishap, but that’s just me.

Best of luck to Tommy.

Images via BBC, ITV