I don’t have a dog so I think I’m forbidden from even dreaming of purchasing something from this company but hey, I’d sure like to.

Custom Clones are the company behind these slipper shenanigans and while their products may look like the loafers that Mr Burns breaks out when he’s singing about the greyhound puppies making an excellent tuxedo…

… that’s exactly what they’re not!

The company offer you the chance to have a pair of slippers that look exactly like your dog (or cat) or your money back.

But how much money are you getting back? Well, they’re certainly not a bargain as the slippers come at a lofty $199, and even higher if you intend on getting them on your feet before the usual eight week waiting period.

But these are slippers that look like the little ball of fur that you love the most! Can you really put a price on that? Sure, I’m going on holiday in a couple of months for less than that and I think I’ll enjoy that more than some slippers that look, arguably, too big and too warm, but if you have money to throw around then why not?

But hey listen; slippers aren’t for everyone and to a degree, these genuinely just look like you’ve taped a couple of beanie babies to your feet.

So if you’ve got the money to throw away but suffer from clammy feet, then worry now, as Custom Clones also offer the change to have a plush made that looks like your pet.

These will set you back a fairly dizzying $249 which again, isn’t cheap. Actually let me check…

Yeah thought so.

Anyway, have a look at these bad boys…

Images via Instagram