It seems like, what, 10 years ago since Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson and Abigail Breslin graced our screens in Zombieland and well, that’s because it was.

In 2009 Zombieland came out and while it didn’t change anyone’s life, it was still a very funny film that provided a breath of fresh air to the dangerously saturated zombie market that Christ knows it needed.

In general, I hate anything zombie-related and while I obviously know I’m not the last word in film critique, it speaks volumes for the Ruben Fleischer flick that I would actually choose to watch this one again.

So it makes sense that the film got a sequel, it just doesn’t make sense that it’s taken ten years and all we’ve got so far is a poster.

It’s hard to ignore the idea that Fleischer probably didn’t want to make a sequel but in the years since, the only films he’s made have been either atrocious or no-one’s seen them. He made Venom, for god’s sake, so he had to get back into the public’s good books.

I’ve not actually seen Gangster Squad so I can’t speak for that one. It has a very bad name.

But more on that poster. As I say, it’s been released and as a fun twist, it’s almost identical to the original, except Abigail Breslin has aged. Have a look…

Jesse Eisenberg’s neck has gotten thicker too.

We also have a name for the film – Double Tap, which is a callback to Columbus’ second rule in his 32-point guide to surviving in the zombie apocalypse; always check the zombie is no longer an issue by shooting it a second time.

As for plot, nothing’s confirmed, but think they know what’s going on, and that includes the four main characters now living in the White House.

When there, however, an argument breaks out, with Breslin’s Little Rock storming away with a new guy played by Avan Jogia. The group then go to save her from some certified zombie japes, as you might expect.

There’s also a cool new expert zombie destroyer who’s apparently going to be played by Rosario Dawson; allegedly someone who Woody Harrelson becomes enamoured with.

As for the zombies themselves, there’s now three new categories; Hawkings are very smart, Homers a big and slow, and ninjas are, presumably, ninja-like. Exciting.

Zombieland Double Tap is due for an October 2019 release. Be there.

Images via Sony Pictures