Netflix Cancels 1899 After One Season Despite Great Reviews

Netflix have announced its cancelling 1899, and the news has left fans furious at the streaming giant.

The first season of Netflix’s 1899 gained a large fan base after it made its debut last year. It even received rave reviews from critics for its puzzling plot line, so the news that Netflix has cancelled the show has got a lot of people rilled up.

Shortly after it came out, critic Diksha Sundriyal for The Cinemaholic commended the show for the way it’s always one step ahead of the viewer, writing: “The answer always seems in sight, but somehow, it goes farther away the closer you get to it.”

While Collider went as far as to name it one of the best shows of the year!

1899 was created by the same minds that brought us Netflix’s Dark, Jantje Friese, and Baran bo Odar. Together they created a perplexing sci-fi series that left us guessing right up until the last minute, which is not easy to achieve in just 8 episodes. 

The show follows a group of European emigrants and their journey across the ocean, as they travel from London on a ship called Kerberos, to begin their new lives in New York City.

It might start off a little slow, but things take a mysterious turn when they find another ship afloat in the ocean, the Prometheus, which disappeared without a trace just months earlier. What makes things even more unsettling, is that upon further inspection, the ship had been abandoned. 

The show managed to hit number two on Netflix’s Top 10 just a few days after its release, with viewers watching 79.27 million hours of the series. So, it’s no surprise that the news Netflix has axed the show hasn’t gone down well with fans… 

One person wrote: “1899 getting canceled after literally being at the top of Netflix’s daily charts for weeks after release and then only dropping to two because of Wednesday which they ALSO haven’t renewed yet doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Another said: “Not Netflix canceling 1899 before I got their endgame, crying brb.”

1899 canceled, Wednesday probably moving to a different platform, no more password sharing, higher prices, ads… tell me it wasn’t Netflix’s plan to self-sabotage themselves because this is exactly how it looks like lmao,” a third Tweeted.

While a fourth shared: “Please HBO Amazon SOMEONE please pick up 1899. I will give you my organs.”

As enticing as that offer might be, it looks like Netflix has made its decision final, so we won’t be getting closure on that cliffhanger of a finale. 

Baran bo Odar confirmed the devastating news in a post on Instagram, writing: “With a heavy heart we have to tell you that 1899 will not be renewed. We would have loved to finish this incredible journey with a 2nd and 3rd season as we did with Dark. But sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned.”

He continued: “That’s life. We know this will disappoint millions of fans out there. But we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you were a part of this wonderful adventure. We love you. Never forget.”

So, unfortunately, it looks like we won’t be getting any closure, that is unless another streaming site takes on the show. We can only hope!

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