Charlie Hunnam Doesn’t Like Doing Bed Scenes And Only Wants To Kiss His Partner Of 15 Years

Actor Charlie Hunnam has opened up about why he hates filming love scenes.

The actor has had an illustrious career, appearing in the hit movies Shantaram and The Gentleman, just to name a few, but his role in the crime drama, Sons of Anarchy is without a doubt what put him on the map. 

We were first introduced to the show way back in 2008 when we were pulled into the chaotic world of Jax Teller. In short, the show chronicles Jax’s struggles to find equilibrium between being a new dad and his involvement in a motorcycle gang.

The show ran for an impressive 7 seasons, building up a huge cult following along the way. However, all good things must come to an end, and the series officially wrapped up in 2014.

Hunnam’s role as Jax is what thrust him into the spotlight, and what you might not know, is that he almost played the role of Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey because of his success as the motorcycle-wielding anti-hero. 

Hunnam spilled all in a series of interviews, revealing why he decided not to take on the role of the heartthrob, which later got snapped up by actor Jamie Dornan. 

It seems his relationship with his girlfriend Morgana McNelis, who he’s been with for more than fifteen years, might have something to do with it. 

Hunnam opened up about the difficulty of having a partner while being an actor.

He told PEOPLE at the time: “It’s very hard to be with an actor. She’s required to share parts of me that she wouldn’t really want to share, of course.”

“And with the certain nature of this role, it’s going to be times ten. 

“It was a decision we made together, but she loved the books. She [was] really excited about the potential of this opportunity for me and if anything, I just think it will bring us closer,” Hunnam said of Morgana.

However, in spite of turning down the role, Hunnam believed he could have gotten over his discomfort.

“If you look back at my history, my first job was … Queer as Folk. It was incredibly explicit – s**ual scenes with a man,” he concluded. “If I could do it when I was eighteen with a guy, I can certainly do it at thirty-three with a lady.”

However, there seems to be another reason Hunnam doesn’t enjoy doing love scenes.

He also told PEOPLE that he hates germs and is in fact pretty scared of kissing for this reason!

He explained, “I’ve been profoundly germaphobic since I was a young child.

“I don’t want to kiss anyone but my girlfriend for my whole life.”

He went on: “When I was maybe 8 or 9, there was a parasite from dogs in the north of England that, if you ingested it, could turn you blind.

“That horrified me. The point is, everyone thinks it’s great to be an actor and get to kiss a bunch of beautiful actresses in films, but I actually hate it.”

So there you have it!

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