Margot Robbie and Jenna Ortega sound like the perfect dream team, and it seems as though Robbie is down…

The actress recently opened up in an interview with @TheMovieDweeb for @TheHookOfficial, detailing her new friendship with Wednesday star Jenna Ortega, who she met at the golden globes.

The pair snapped a picture together on the red carpet, and since then the internet has wanted the down low on their friendship. 

Fans took to the comment section of Twitter to share their thoughts on a post of the two together. 

One wrote: “Margot the queen of acting and jenna the princess.”

While another commented: “Jenna would make a great skipper in the Barbie movie just saying.”

And it seems Robbie has nothing but positive things to say about Ortega… 

In the interview, she was asked: “what would a night out with you and Jenna, a Babylon-Esque night out be like?”

Robbie responded that while she’s “never had a night out with Jenna,” the star said that “she seems awesome.”

“She also has an iconic dance that I’m seeing going viral at the moment. I love that,” she added.

Check out what else she had to say below…

Understandably, fans were all on board with the union, with one writing: “We need Margot x Jenna project. That is a fact.”

While another added: “love her so much.”

And after seeing their adorable pics together, we’d love to see the pair work on an acting project, or even hear more about their potential big night out!

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