Leslie Jordan’s Cause Of Death Revealed

The L.A. County Coroner’s Office has now confirmed Leslie Jordan’s cause of death, revealing he succumbed to a “sudden cardiac dysfunction,” before crashing his car.

As we know, just weeks before his tragic death, Leslie Jordan made a worrying complaint about his health.

It seems the problem was so bad that he scheduled to see a doctor, and was meant to attend his appointment within the next week, but sadly, he passed before he got the chance.

Jordan was best known for playing flamboyant characters throughout his career, but it wasn’t always easy for the openly gay actor in the entertainment world.

He was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1955 (a very conservative state), and came out as gay to his mother at age twelve.

“I told my mother I thought something was up. I didn’t even know the word ‘gay,’” he revealed to PEOPLE in 2021.

“She didn’t pull her Bible out, which I thought she would,” he added. “She said, ‘I’m just really afraid that if you choose this path, you’ll be ridiculed.’” 

He shared that she told him to “‘just live your life quietly.’ I didn’t follow her advice on that one.”

Jordan went on to graduate from the University of Tennessee in 1982 and immediately began his route to stardom.

He moved to Los Angeles, where he worked on a wide range of projects before scoring his breakout role in Murphy Brown, and his fame only grew from there…

It wasn’t long before he bagged the role of Beverley Leslie in the hit sitcom Will and Grace, which won him an Emmy.

He has gone on to appear in a variety of popular shows over the years, including American Horror Story and Star Trek: Voyager.

Sadly, on October 22 last year, his life was cut short. 

Fox Entertainment said in a statement: “We are shocked and devastated by today’s tragic passing of Leslie Jordan. Leslie was far more than an Emmy Award-winning comedic talent with whom we’ve laughed alongside for all these years.

“He was the kindest person you could ever imagine who simply lit up a room and brought pure joy and huge smiles to millions of people around the world. The truest of Southern Gentlemen, Leslie carried an infectious exuberance, indelible sense of humor and, throughout, gifted us with countless fond memories that will last forever. As we grieve this sad news, we also wish to extend our most profound sympathies to Leslie’s family, friends and fans, whom he held so dear.” 

Reports at the time alleged that he suffered a medical emergency while driving…

As a result, the sixty-seven-year-old crashed into a building in Hollywood, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

However, months on from his tragic passing, the L.A. County Coroner’s Office have finally released his cause of death.

According to the coroner, Leslie was on medication for his heart when he passed away. His heart’s two main arteries that were significantly blocked – with one having an 80% blockage, and the other a 50% blockage.

They revealed that he died as a result of a “sudden cardiac dysfunction.”

Rest in peace, Leslie Jordan.

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