Video Shows How Alec Baldwin Fatally Shot Halyna Hutchins, According To Lawsuit

Attorneys representing Halyna Hutchins’ family issued a video that purportedly reveals the fatal incident that took place on the set of Rust.

As we previously reported, Alec Baldwin was charged with involuntary manslaughter over the death of Hutchins, who was killed on set back in October 2021, when Baldwin was given a “prop” gun that mistakenly contained live rounds.

The sixty-three-year-old was using the gun prop on the set of the American Western film, Rust, when he fired a round of blanks that killed Hutchins, as well as wounded the director of the film, Joel Souza.

Souza was immediately rushed to the hospital where he received treatment for his injuries. He was then taken to Christus St Vincent Regional Medical Center for further examinations.

Hutchins was taken to the University of New Mexico Hospital, but sadly died when she got there.

The forty-two-year-old was transported to the location via helicopter but before she could undergo life-saving treatment, she succumbed to her injuries.

As per the Independent, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s office said that the pair were shot when a prop firearm was discharged by Baldwin, who is the producer and actor for the new film, which, ironically, is about an accidental killing.

Since then, Baldwin has gone through a lot of torment over the incident. Many called out the actor for his actions, whether they were an accident or not.

Some even suggested that Baldwin should be charged with manslaughter.

“Hopefully Alec Baldwin gets manslaughter at the very least. But knowing the Democrats and their penchant for protecting criminals, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets off with 10 hours of community service… If that,” film producer, Errol Webber wrote.

Others have added that the person in charge of handling props, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed should take the fall…

“Surely whoever was in charge of props would be more likely to face a manslaughter charge. However, it also sounds like they all had done too many hours on set, maybe the producers should be taken to task for gross negligence? Nuance really isn’t your thing, is it?” another Twitter user replied to Webber.

Over the months that ensued, new information came to the surface, revealing that there were instances that caused crew members to leave the set even before the fatal shot was fired.

As per the Independent, sources revealed that “camera operators and their assistants were frustrated by the conditions surrounding the low-budget film, including complaints about long hours, long commutes and collecting their paychecks… safety protocols standard in the industry, including gun inspections, were not strictly followed on the Rust set.”

Now, over a year after the tragedy, it seems that a decision has finally been made about the criminal charges he faces.

It has been announced that both Alec Baldwin and armourer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, have been charged with 2 cases of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the shooting incident.

New Mexico District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies said in a statement: “After a thorough review of the evidence and the laws of the state of New Mexico, I have determined that there is sufficient evidence to file criminal charges against Alec Baldwin and other members of the Rust film crew.

“On my watch, no one is above the law, and everyone deserves justice.”

Since the news came out, an old video reconstruction of the incident has been making the rounds online.

In February of last year, lawyers representing Hutchins’ family published a computer-generated reenactment of the events they allege caused her death.

Attorney Brian Panish said: “We went to the scene, we assessed the scene with experts and we really dug into what we could.

“I think the video explains why Mr. Baldwin and others were responsible and are responsible for safety on the job site and why their reckless conduct and cost-cutting measures led to the death of Halyna Hutchins.”

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