Love Island’s Haris Sensationally ‘Dumped From The Villa’ After Brawl Video 

According to reports, Haris Namani has been removed from the Love Island villa after a video of him punching someone during a night out surfaced online.

A video posted on social media of the twenty-one-year-old salesman from the show throwing punches at another person in the street has created an uproar, sending viewers of the show into disarray.

This comes a week after the second-ever winter series began, with Maya Jama leaving viewers stunned by her iconic entrance to the villa. 

The news that Jama would be taking over as host came out last year, when the twenty-eight-year-old was unveiled as the fresh presenter of the popular dating series. It followed Laura Whitmore’s announcement that she would be departing the show due to “new conflicting projects.”

During the first episode, which aired last week, we met the contestants of the show and saw them couple up for the first time.

Girls, Tanya Manhenga, Lana Jenkins, Anna-May Robey, Tanyel Revan and Olivia Hawkins have all made their way to the villa seeking love. Similarly, boys, Kai Fagan, Ron Hall, Will Young, Shaq Muhammad and Haris Namani have also joined in on the quest.

When it came to the secret bombshell, Tom Clare’s entry caused quite a stir, adding to the already-high drama levels. The footballer walked into the villa after the five couples had been paired up already.

It didn’t take long for him to familiarise himself with the girls and quickly came to the conclusion on who he wanted to couple up with. The newcomer chose Olivia Hawkins.

A decision that left farmer Will Young in danger of being eliminated.

The twenty-three-year-old from Buckinghamshire was given another chance when bombshell Zara entered the villa. Sadly though, the model seemed more interested in the other guys, namely footballer Tom, and rejected Will’s advances.

And it seems he’s not making any progress with the other girls either, so much so, that viewers are wanting ITV to step in and put an end to his suffering.

Fans are starting to worry about his wellbeing too, as it appears he’s starting to lose his fun loving charm.

Many took to social media to share their concerns, with one writing: “Do the Love Island producers pick somebody to go on every year that doesn’t fit the profile just to show that they are inclusive… Poor Will it’s cruel tbh.”

Another pointed out that Will was losing his spark. “Love Island is a cruel place man,” they said.

But viewers were left surprised last night when fellow contestant Haris Namani was dumped from the villa instead of Will.

The news came following footage of him punching another party-goer in the street after a drunken night out.

Harris began to show his true colours on the show in a confrontation with fellow contestant Shaq…

According to insiders, Haris’ eviction from the villa was already planned and not directly linked to the uncovered video. They stated that it was merely an unfortunate coincidence that the two events happened so close together.

In the clip he can be seen brawling with the man, knocking him to the ground and saying  “I’m not a bully… on my mum’s life,” while being encouraged by the person filming the shocking scene.

A friend of Haris’ told The Sun: “We were all surprised when we heard Haris was going on Love Island, he’s got quite a bit of a temper on him and if someone says something he’s more than prepared to have a fight.

“He’s got an advantage being a boxer and he knows he can cause damage because he trains four times a week, he knows what he is capable of because of his training. That kind of stuff has to stay in the ring.

“I’m surprised ITV didn’t do further checks, I saw the row between him and Shaq and wasn’t surprised in the slightest. That’s the type of guy he is. What you see is what you get.”

Following the shocking footage being revealed online, A representative for Love Island said: “Language and behaviour in the villa is always closely monitored, and Islanders are reminded of what we consider acceptable during their time on the show. 

“Extensive duty of care protocols for all Islanders includes video training and guidance covering language and behaviour.”

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