STV is bringing back the iconic show Brookside for streaming, twenty years after its last UK broadcast. The entire series from the very first episode will be available to watch.

Brookside made its debut on the inaugural night of Channel 4, way back in November 1982. It was a momentous occasion for viewers as they were introduced to what would later draw in an audience of nine million viewers at its peak.

People quickly became enthralled by the tales of the families who inhabited the Liverpool cul-de-sac, notably Bobby and Sheila Grant, portrayed by renowned actors Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnston.

A spokesperson told Metro: “Brookside is a program that is held in deep affection at Lime Pictures. Its strong social conscience combined with a powerhouse of Northern acting talent and writers made it unmissable viewing and formed a model of storytelling that has stood the test of time.

“We are delighted that audiences will be able to revisit or enjoy investing in this era of ground-breaking television that put Liverpool into the television landscape.”

Fans of the show, as well as the stars that appeared on it all those years ago, all have positive memories of the beloved characters.

Sunetra Sarker, who later on achieved fame from shows like Casualty and Ackley Bridge has credited this to her successful career…

“I owe a lot to Brookside as I was lucky enough to have been spotted at a bus stop when I was 15 and given the role of Nisha,” she said. “Had I known then that Brookside Close would be the road that led me to my surprising and eventful career, I would never have believed it!

“I am thrilled that STV Player is airing Brookie again after all these years. I never fail to hear fans tell me how much they still miss the show. Get streaming and see just how ground-breaking this Liverpool-based soap opera was all those years ago.”

Claire Sweeney, who played the character Lindsay Corkhill also called the show a “game-changer,” adding that it was a “pioneering show which tackled gritty storylines in an explosive way.

“Phil Redmond took storyline to places and it was the first show to have a helpline added at the end,” she said.

The Managing Director of STV also agrees, Richard Williams said: “It may have been 2 decades since Brookside drew to a close, but the love for the show from its passionate army of fans has never waned.

“We’re so pleased to be the first streaming service to bring this legendary piece of TV history back into viewers’ living rooms for free, and I hope superfans and new audiences alike enjoy all the nostalgic drama that Brookside has to offer on STV Player.”

Fans are thrilled by the news that it will be returning to screens, with one writing: “Excellent that was my fave program loved brookside gutted when they axed it.”

While another commented: “Wow .. used to love brookside .. the best soap on the box at one time.”

STV Player is set to launch the first ten episodes on February 1, with 5 subsequent episodes being released each week afterwards.

Will you be watching?

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