Crowds were absolutely stunned when longtime judge Simon Cowell was set on fire during one of the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent.

The show is known for showcasing all sorts of talents from all over the UK, from the classic singing and dancing to the more adventurous acts.

Magicians are, of course, also a staple on the show – but no one was expecting to see what this one particular conjurer was plotting!

Per The Mirror, Cowell was brought onto the stage by one mysteriously mute magician at the latest set of auditions at the London Palladium. Then, he was invited to sit in a chair as he had a hood placed over his head, and subsequently had lighter fluid poured all over the hood.

The act then proceeded to lock the head judge’s head into a box, with the front opened so that the audience could see exactly what was going on inside.

Then, everything went chaotic as the magician dropped a lit match into the box and Simon’s head was set alight.

An insider source revealed further details of the dramatic audition.

“The audience screamed, judges were out of their seats screaming, everyone was totally stunned. The flames were put out and Simon got up looking a bit shell-shocked while the rest of the judges breathed a sigh of relief as he returned to the panel,” they said.

Of course, Cowell’s fellow judges had to have their say too.

Alesha Dixon, who has been on the panel since 2012, said: “Simon, he set your entire head on fire!

“It was very scary, you are a very brave man to do that. It made me realise how much we care about you, I was ready to come up there and rescue you.”

Whereas Amanda Holden, who has been on the show, alongside Cowell, since its inception in 2007 proclaimed: “It was massively entertaining but horrific to watch. It was scary.”

The newest addition to the judging panel, Bruno Tonioli, said: “It reminded me of a scene from that movie, Saw, seeing Simon’s head in that contraption. I was captivated, I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Tonioli is best known for his many years spent on the judging panel for another flagship British talent competition, Strictly Come Dancing. The sixty-seven-year-old sat on that panel for a whopping fifteen years, from 2004 before giving it up back in 2019.

But now, he is set to return to our screens in full force, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

“This is the biggest show – now that I’m in it!” Tonioli declared while discussing the show. “Now that they have me! I mean it. Oh, Simon is going to hate me saying that.”

He added: “I do it because I love to do it. Amanda and Alesha – we’ve all known each other for years. The first show felt so natural. We have such a lot of fun. I’m very, very lucky – someone’s looking after me.”

The Italian native joins the panel after the departure of comedian and Little Britain creator David Walliams.

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