Last night was the biggest night of the year for music, with the sixty-fifth Grammy Awards taking place.

However, there was one aspect of the show that left singer-songwriter Chris Brown rather disgruntled. The thirty-three-year-old was up for the award for the Best R&B Album of the year for Breezy, but he failed to take the win.

Brown has been nominated for a total of twenty Grammys during his time, but has only ever managed to win once. That was for Best R&B Album for the star’s fourth album, F.A.M.E., back in 2012.

Brown once again lost out, with the win going to Robert Glasper and his album Black Radio III, which is the third part of a trilogy series.

Forty-four-year-old Glasper is known for his vast catalogue of work over his twenty-year career, and he has worked with everyone from Kendrick Lamar to Mac Miller.

The Houston native first made it big with his album Black Radio, which won a Grammy in the same category back in 2013. Overall, Glasper has been nominated for thirteen Grammys during his career, and won 5.

However, Brown claimed to have never heard of him, and seemed outraged at the fact he lost out to someone he deemed to be an unknown.

Per UNILAD, the ‘Under The Influence’ singer took to his Instagram stories to rant about his loss, and hit out at Glasper’s win.

“Bro who the f**k is this?” Brown wrote in one Instagram story, over a picture of a Google search of Glasper.

In another, he said: “Who the f**k is Robert Glasper?”

He continued to comment that he needs to upskill, and suggested even picking up a harmonica in order to better his chances next time!

Fans have taken to social media themselves to respond to Brown’s explosion.

One person said: “The funniest thing about Chris Brown’s Grammy meltdown is also the saddest: Robert Glasper is an icon and this is an award voted on by your peers. You can dislike the outcome but posting about not knowing who he is only embarrasses you as an artist.”

Another wrote: “Chris Brown not knowing who Robert Glasper is… is the reason all of Chris Brown songs sound the same.”

The evening as a whole was one full of shocks and surprises, with Twitter, as always, providing commentary along the way.

The biggest prize of the night, Album of the Year, was widely predicted to finally be awarded to Beyonce. The legendary ‘Break My Soul’ singer has been nominated for this award multiple times yet never managed to take it home, and once again the Academy failed to award it to her.

Instead, it went home with Harry Styles for his third album, Harry’s House.

Record of the Year, where Styles’ anthem ‘As It Was’ was widely thought of as a shoo in, went home with Lizzo for her track ‘About Damn Time’.

In another big shock, Taylor Swift lost out on Song of the Year for her iconic ten-minute long re-recording of the fan favourite track ‘All Too Well’ from Red (Taylor’s Version).

Instead, country blues singer Bonnie Raitt beat Swift to it, with her song titled ‘Just Like That’.

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