The sixty-fifth annual Grammy awards took place on Sunday night, with our favourite artists hoping to get recognised for their talents over the last year.

At the start of the night, host Trevor Noah, hailed music’s ability to bring people together despite their differences. “Music isn’t just the harmony of sound but the harmony of human beings,” he said. Adding that it is a way of “rejecting division to find moments of joy”.

Those that watched the event with know that Beyoncé was without a doubt the star of the show. During the historic evening in Los Angeles, Beyoncé became the most honoured artist in Grammys history.

The performer took home awards for best traditional R&B performance, best dance/electronic album, best dance/electronic recording, and best R&B song. She currently has thirty-two Grammy victories under her belt.

“I’m trying not to be too emotional,” she said on stage after accepting the award for the best dance/electronic album. “I’m trying to just receive this night.” During her speech, she gave thanks to both her “beautiful husband” and the “queer community for their love and for inventing the genre”.

But despite the incredible feat, the singer still lost out on Album of the Year. 

The biggest prize of the night, Album of the Year, was widely predicted to finally be awarded to the star. The legendary ‘Break My Soul’ singer has been nominated for this award multiple times yet never managed to take it home, and once again the Academy failed to award it to her.

Instead, it went home with Harry Styles for his third album, Harry’s House.

“I think on nights like tonight it’s important for us to remember there is no such thing as ‘best’ in music. I don’t think any of us sit in the studio making decisions on what is going to get us one of these,” Styles said of the win.

And the Beehive are furious, some fans are even calling for Styles to make an apology to the singer after he took home the award.

“Harry Styles had a nice album, however, IT WAS NOT BETTER THAN RENAISSANCE,” one outraged fan said.

A second wrote: “Harry styles’ album wasn’t bad but winning album of the year over beyoncé, adele, kendrick lamar, and bad bunny is ridiculous to me lmao. grammys really manage to do this every year.”

Unfortunately, Harry only added fuel to the fire with his acceptance speech, in which he claimed: “This doesn’t happen to people like me very often.”

One viewer tweeted: “We beg to differ, Harry. Mediocre white men get glamorized, rewarded and awarded over exceptionally talented. amazing Black women like @Beyonce all day, every day.”

“Harry Styles needs to send Kendrick [Lamar] and Beyonce a 9,000 word apology text and get it tattooed all over his body,” another demanded.

“They called Harry Styles the new King of Pop and gave him AOTY over the best body of work released in recent memory. And hyped the entire show on Beyonce’s back to drive ratings. I wish I could say I’m shocked. #Grammys,” a third wrote.

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