ITV Bosses Fear Holly Willoughby Might Quit This Morning

It appears that ITV bosses are worried Holly Willoughby will step back from hosting This Morning.

Holly also presents Dancing on Ice alongside Phillip Schofield, in addition to hosting This Morning. Together with her own lifestyle company, Wylde, she also has a seven-figure partnership with Marks & Spencer, so it’s understandable why ITV bosses are worried she’ll step down.

Television executives are reportedly concerned that the host of the morning show may decide to leave the renowned sofa after the Queuegate fiasco last year left her “devastated.”

After being accused of avoiding the long line to view the Queen laying in state at Westminster Abbey in September, Holly and her co-host Phillip came under fire from the public.

The popular TV host is alleged to have expressed “frustration” with the way her employers handled the incident and anger over their choice to have her deliver the pair’s Broadcast apologies alone.

A source said: “The Queuegate backlash was absolutely devastating for Holly, but what made matters worse was the feeling it was mishandled.

ITV’s decision to remain silent before finally issuing a statement was frustrating, as it felt like they were shutting the door after the horse had bolted.

“Then, to add insult to injury, Holly was left to explain the pair’s decision by herself, while Phil remained silent.

Holly felt particularly wounded since sources say she believed she took the brunt of the scandal’s criticism.

“Bosses know last year was incredibly hard for her and as such, they are not approaching her contract negotiations with the same confidence as they have previously.”

Despite everything that has happened though, Holly apparently has “no plans” to leave This Morning, according to a source close to her.

But it doesn’t look like ITV is going to give the down low on what’s going on behind the scenes. “We don’t comment on speculation around artists’ contracts,”  an ITV representative stated.

Since then, dozens of fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the possibility of Holly stepping away from the show, with one writing: “Hope not, she is nice, plus she has a sense of humour. It’s Phil that has changed since he came out, he makes it known more. But they are both a good team, so why spoil the show by getting rid of them. Plus I love Alison, she is such a fantastic happy going person.”

While a second commented: “Well Holly, I will be sad to see you go. I think you are a lovely person, and I hope whatever you do next it goes well for you. I can’t believe how many horrible people on here can’t wait for you to go, don’t let people like that get you upset. They’re not worth it, I call them sad.”

However, not everyone is rooting for the host, another wrote: “Well thank Christ for that! My money is on Josie & Vernon! Both are a breath of fresh air and would do a much better job! Schofield should also go! I’m also sick of Alison Hammond forcing laughter all the time! They should all go!”

What do you make of the news?

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