Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Wife, Aged 55, Responds To Criticism Of Their Age Gap

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and his producer wife Sam have been the talk of the internet for quite some time, while they seem like any other loved-up couple, fans just can’t seem to get past their twenty-three year age gap. 

Age-gap relationships are widespread in Hollywood. Just look at the Hollywood power couple with a sixteen-year age gap, George and Amal Clooney, or thirty-eight-year-old actress Olivia Wilde, who was most recently associated with twenty-eight-year-old Harry Styles. And let’s not get started on Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although unusual, these dynamics aren’t always bad. Despite this, rumors concerning Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s relationship seem to be rife on social media, with a lot of people hating on his wife. 

The pair first set eyes on one another on the set of Nowhere Boy in 2009, when Aaron, who was about nineteen at the time, auditioned in front of director Sam, who was then forty-two. Aaron was later cast as the part of John Lennon.

He proposed that same year and shortly after they welcomed their first child, Wylda Rae. According to E! News, they were legally wed in Somerset, UK, in 2012.

“As soon as we finished (filming), he told me he was going to marry me,” Sam told Harper’s Bazaar in 2019. “We had never been on a date, or even kissed.”

“And a year to the minute after we met, exactly one year to the minute, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me,” Aaron added.

Last June, the couple celebrated their 10th anniversary.

“We renewed our vows to one another and confessed our love in front of our nearest and dearest friends and family it was a celebration of love and joy! A decade of marriage… Sammy you are my love, my life, my soulmate, my wife, my world!” he wrote on Instagram in June 2022.

But, the comments were disabled, presumably to stop fans from commenting hate about their relationship. The Taylor-Johnsons have previously stated that they want to keep their private life out of the media because of their age disparity.

He described the early public response to their relationship to New York Magazine in 2017 as “intrusive,” adding: “But having to deal with that early in my career probably got me to a place where I can more quickly just go, ‘Oh, f*** it’ instead of wanting to rip someone’s head off for asking questions I don’t like.”

The couple has since gone on to speak about the backlash over their age gap. In an interview with Larry King, they discussed the overwhelming media attention and how they felt about it.

King stated that he believes that the only reason people are bothered in this particular instance is because Sam is older than Aaron, rather than the other way around which seems more accepted by society. 

Sam agreed, saying: “I feel like it’s one of the last taboos.

“I feel like everyone comes at me with it in most interviews.

“It’s interesting because, like you said, I’m sure people don’t ask you often but they do ask me.

“It makes people feel like they should have something to say and have an opinion on it.”

Aaron then added: “I’ve never really noticed. I’ve never really noticed an age gap at all.

“Spiritually, on a level, I feel like we’ve only ever been connected as soul mates, so I’ve never really noticed.”

When asked how he felt about the media’s response, he said it didn’t concern him. 

“I think you just learn to… from that point onwards… I sort of didn’t really pay attention to anything that had to be said about… cause I don’t really care.

“And also, I know that then I’m not following… I’m doing what’s natural to me and instinctive to me. I know that I’m following my own voice. And we do it together, so it’s never really bothered me.”

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