Farmers Notice Mistake Kaleb Cooper Keeps Making In Clarkson’s Farm

Amazon Prime released season 2 of the hit series Clarkson’s Farm, and although viewers are loving it, some have pointed out an error made by Clarkson’s co-star Kaleb Cooper.

As fans will be aware, the show has done very well on the streaming site, much to the surprise of Clarkson who was skeptical that people would enjoy it. 

He revealed to LADbible: “I thought Clarkson’s Farm would serve up gentle disappointment to fans of The Grand Tour.”

“They’d watch the first one, maybe the first three, and that would dwindle to nobody watching.

“And then obviously the first inkling that all was well was there was a Guardian review the day after it aired, which said it was appalling and dreadful and an insult to farmers, and I thought, ‘The Guardian hate it – I think we’re on to something here.’”

And it seems he puts the success of the show down to his co-star “Kaleb,” sharing that he thinks “he’s an absolute star.”

“And what I love about Kaleb is he just has no airs and graces around me at all, it’s just, ‘You f***ing useless w***er.’

“That happens on a daily basis, and I live in constant fear of upsetting him – which I know I’ve done. I did something yesterday so bad, and I know he’s going to find out, and I couldn’t sleep last night thinking, ‘He is going to be livid with me.’”

And now, season 2 has officially dropped. The synopsis for this season reads: “Jeremy Clarkson, Britain’s best-known but least-qualified amateur farmer is back!

“Another year in the life of Diddly Squat farm begins, and all the regular characters are still here, helping Jeremy as much as they can: Kaleb’s on hand to show him How to Actually Run a Farm, Lisa’s running the shop, Charlie’s always ready to deliver more brutal home truths, and Gerald’s still Head of Security, with his own unique way of expressing himself.

“With farmers across the country facing the impact of Brexit and the impending loss of subsidies, all are forced to diversify and Jeremy’s got big plans: he wants a herd of cows, he wants a load more chickens, and he wants his own restaurant where he can serve up a menu entirely made up of Diddly Squat produce, with the ambition of increasing his annual profit from last year (£144). All farms are busy, but this one is about to get a whole lot busier…”

Shortly after it came out, fans swarmed to stream the show, which has been hitting headlines recently.

According to Barb, the official audience research company, 4.3 million people watched the farming program’s second season.

Shockingly, the results surpassed the hit series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which debuted on the platform last year with 3.2M viewers and officially made it Amazon’s best-rated show.

It has also gained more viewers than Love Island and the BRIT Awards!

However, despite its popularity, some eagle-eyed farmers have noticed Kaleb has been making a possible mistake when it comes to tagging the cows on Diddly Squat Farm. A handful of viewers have criticised the method he marks the cows’ ears.

For those that aren’t aware, every calf is required by law to have two ear tags placed in each of its ears at birth in order to help identify individual livestock in the case of a disease epidemic.

According to the Farming Advisory Service, they say: “When using plastic tags the female part should be on the inside/front of the ear with the male part entering from the back of the ear.”

And it seems Kaleb has been putting the tags on the wrong way round, according to some farmers, with one writing on a farming forum: “Like many, I am really enjoying Jeremy Clarkson’s new series and taking my time to make it last lol.

“However am I the only one noticing #kalebcooper putting the calves’ ear tags in the wrong way round.”

“Not [the] only one. I noticed that too,” another added.

A third person also wrote: “I said to the other half he put the tags in backward.”

Although not everyone agreed, with another commenting: “At least they are in the ear, not missing or ripped. Some folks have too much time.”

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