Victoria Pedretti Reveals Shocking Comment She Received From ‘Well Known Actor’ As She Posts Shower Selfie

According to the Haunting of Hill House actress Victoria Pedretti, a “well-known actor” approached her and said something startling.

Pedretti is a rising star and has gained recognition for her work in the Netflix anthology series The Haunting, for portraying Danielle “Dani” Clayton in Bly Manor (2020), Eleanor “Nell” Crain in Hill House (2018), and for playing Love Quinn in the Netflix suspense series You (2019–2023). 

In the 2019 comedy-drama Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, she played Leslie Van Houten, and in the 2019 biographical drama Shirley, she played Katherine (2020).

But fans will be most familiar with her from Netflix’s You and The Haunting of Bly Manor, as well as with the fact that she seldom ever updates her social media accounts. 

Every time she publishes something, it’s a huge deal because she is so frequently offline. That’s why her most recent birthday post caught fans’ attention…

Posting bare-all photo in celebration of her birthday, Pedretti shared the unsettling story which has since been deleted from her Instagram. 

The actor claimed it was a “joke” to believe that being modest will provide any protection from the kind of rudeness she talked of in the incident and offered a “shout out” to her body on her birthday in the post.

Pedretti wrote: “Wft is ‘partial’ n****y? Happy birthday to me [middle finger emoji].

“On my bday last year a ‘well known’ actor walked up to me at a party and said, ‘I’ve j*****d off to you so many times’. I was shocked by the audacity. This is AFTER he expressed how much he RESPECTED me as an actor lol.

“Sometimes I enjoy modesty, sometimes I don’t. It’s a joke to think that my own modesty will protect me from any disrespect I may experience as a femme body.

“Also shout out to my body. I love you. You’re mine.”

The “well known” star’s identity was not disclosed by Pedretti, and Instagram has since pulled down the post for breaking community guidelines. 

Fans quickly backed Pedretti on Twitter in response to the offensive exchange, with one writing: “Why would someone say something like that… gross”

Another said: “That’s absolutely disgusting and degrading, like, is she supposed to think of that as a compliment? Bc saying something like that is just sooo out of pocket and weird.”

While a third commented: “I graduated high school with her and she is genuinely the sweetest soul; no one deserves this bulls*** but ESPECIALLY not her.”

Another added: “What kind of brain damage makes you think this perverted comment is appropriate? Christ. Keep this stuff IN YOUR HEAD. It’s not hard.”

“She is making a career, while he is in his grubby living room playing with his thing. Probably a smart TV too, so along with this message now there are data points about his preferences. ” a fifth said. 

What do you make of her birthday post?

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