Actor Charlie Hunnam has confirmed he’s returning to Sons of Anarchy, but not in the way everyone’s expecting.

The actor has had an illustrious career, appearing in the hit movies Shantaram and The Gentleman, just to name a few, but his role in the crime drama, Sons of Anarchy is without a doubt what put him on the map. 

We were first introduced to the show way back in 2008 when we were pulled into the chaotic world of Jax Teller. In short, the show chronicles Jax’s struggles to find equilibrium between being a new dad and his involvement in a motorcycle gang.

The show ran for an impressive 7 seasons, building up a huge cult following along the way. However, all good things must come to an end, and the series officially wrapped up in 2014.

Hunnam’s role as Jax is what thrust him into the spotlight, and he was so well loved as the character, that many fans have questioned what he’s going to do now, and if he’ll make a return.

Well, it turns out that Hunnam has now confirmed that he will be making a comeback, but not as the character we all know and love…

He opened up about a possible spin-off while speaking at Liverpool Comic Con in May last year: “There’s something in that universe that doesn’t involve Jax Teller, but does involve me that we’re sort of cooking up.

“But right now, it’s like we’re at the stage where the ingredients are just being measured out, they’re not even being mixed out in the bowl yet, and they’re definitely not in the oven.”

Hunnam hinted to a possible comeback in October, saying he would ‘potentially’ show up in a spin-off series.

The actor said to Access Hollywood that he would soon don his trusty biker jacket once again.

He told the publication: “I have an idea that I’m exploring in its infancy where that could be a possibility.

“It would be something that I would be incredibly excited about, so we’re sort of, like I said, in the infancy of exploring the viability of the idea.”

Speaking about leaving his character of Jax behind, when his time on Sons of Anarchy came to an end, he told Glamour in 2017: “It was actually quite emotional for me, living and loving that guy for eight years, to have to finally put him to bed.

“I found myself going back to set a lot. I knew the security guards and for a couple of days said, ‘Oh, I forgot something’, so they’d let me onto the set, and I’d just walk around at night because I wanted to be in that environment and go through a personal process of saying goodbye.

“After a couple of nights I didn’t really need the alibi to get in, and then after a while I just said, ‘OK, enough, this is done’.”

After learning that Hunnam is set to make a return, fans have shared their thoughts online, with one writing: “I mean they never showed his body, and honestly, they could probably bring him back with something like the intro to Saints Row 2 if anyone has ever played that game. That’s the only way I could see him coming back.”

While another said: “Kurt Sutter has expressed in the past his desire to do a prequel on the first 9. Maybe Charlie will return to play his father in that.”

“There was only blood from the truck hit, its possible they could just say he did not get hit and instead smashed into something and lived. He was amazing as Jax, so having him back I’m willing to turn the cheek on his death, besides if you don’t see the body then they’re not dead. Also, it could just be foreshadowing scenes and I remember him saying in an episode “Sons don’t kill themselves,” a third commented. 

What do you think?

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