Gwyneth Paltrow’s Brutal Final Message To Her Ski Crash Accuser

Gwyneth Paltrow was seen learning over and whispering a message to her accuser after winning the trial against a man who claims she knocked him down during a ski session almost a decade ago.

Now, Paltrow is a huge name in Hollywood, whether it’s for her impressive list of movies, or her business skills, everyone knows who she is. 

Paltrow’s mother is none other than Blythe Danner, you might recognize her from her work on everything from Meet the Parents to Will & Grace.

Her father, Bruce Paltrow, was also a big name in film, as a director and producer. However, he sadly passed away back in 2002.

It was around this time that Paltrow met her future husband Chris Martin. Martin even wrote Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ for the star in the actress of her father’s death.

The pair then went on to marry in 2003 and have 2 children together. They finalised their divorce in 2016, which they notoriously described as a “conscious uncoupling.”

She then went on to marry Glee‘s co-creator Brad Falchuk, and they went on to tie the knot in 2018.

Paltrow’s brother, Jake, is another family member involved in the world of Hollywood. He has worked as a director, writer, and actor across the industry.

Paltrow herself actually made her acting debut in a TV movie directed by her father. High was released in 1989.

Her first role as a leading lady was in 1996’s Emma. The Oscar-nominated movie was pivotal for Paltrow’s career development.

However, everything changed for the star after her performance in Shakespeare in Love. It was for this movie that the star won her first and only Oscar.

However, after that, Paltrow’s film career started to take a dive, she had transitioned from acting in critically acclaimed movies to money-making blockbusters.

Roles during this time included Shallow Hal and View from the Top. However, her role in 2008’s Iron Man caused a resurgence in her career.

But not soon after, the star put acting altogether on hold, and it was all for one crucial project…

The star launched Goop as a lifestyle letter originally in 2008. From there, it expanded into a full-on empire!

But what does “Goop” even mean?

Paltrow has said the “G” and “P” come from her initials, but the rest of the word is purposefully mysterious. “I wanted it to be a word that means nothing and could mean anything,” Paltrow said.

The brand has always been widely considered a little pretentious. While her intentions may be altruistic, much of Paltrow’s wellness advice is pretty out of touch.

But moving away from her career and impressive ventures, Paltrow has recently hit headlines for something else…

The star has just come out victorious in a trial for a hit-and-run incident that took place 7 years prior, after a $3 million lawsuit was made by seventy-six-year-old Terry Sanderson, who alleged that Paltrow struck him while he was skiing at the Utah ski resort in Deer Valley.

He asserts that she caused him to sustain significant injuries, including a concussion, four fractured ribs, and brain damage.

“It was just instantaneous,” Sanderson said at the time, per UNILAD. “I got hit in my back. … It felt like it had just drove me forward.

“And then that’s all I remember to that point – just out.”

The trial concluded yesterday, and Paltrow came out victorious in winning her symbolic $1 countersuit.

However, on her way out of the courtroom, Paltrow whispered a rather brutal message to her accuser which has raised a lot of eyebrows.

“I wish you well,” the actress told him, per The Independent.

To which Sanderson responded: “Thank you, dear.”

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