People Can’t Stop Talking About Margot Robbie’s Feet In The Barbie Trailer

Greta Gerwig’s new movie, Barbie, is taking over the internet, and it’s not even out until July!

The Margot Robbie-led flick is set to be one of the biggest movie releases in recent years, and it’s no surprise really when you look at the absolutely dazzling cast, the critically acclaimed writing and directing team, and the fact that it’s all about one of the most iconic toys to ever grace this planet.

However, there is one particular part of the movie’s latest trailer that really got people talking… Margot Robbie’s feet, of course!

However, despite looking like she was absolutely made for the part, Robbie wasn’t actually meant to play the leading role. In fact, it was supposed to be Amy Schumer…

Now, Robbie has to be one of Hollywood’s biggest names right now. Since the thirty-two-year-old first rocked onto the movie scene back in Richard Curtis’ About Time back in 2013, it was evident that the Australian was going to be a star.

However, it was later on that year that Robbie really made a splash, with her role in The Wolf Of Wall Street. One scene in particular got everybody talking…

Robbie has spoken out about the controversial n*de scene before, back in 2014, when she was just twenty-three, the star told The Telegraph: “I think n*dity for the sake of n*dity is shameful. If they’ve put it in just so that a girl gets her top off, then that’s disgusting. And you can always tell.

“But I also think it’s disgusting when someone would have got n*ked in real life, in the film they conveniently leave their bra on, or hold up the bed sheet. Seeing someone being choreographed into being covered up irritates me just as much.”

She continued: “The whole point of Naomi is that her body is her only form of currency in this world. So when Marty [Scorsese] was trying to help me out, and said in the scene where she seduces Jordan perhaps I could have a robe on, I said she wouldn’t. She has to be n*ked.”

Despite this level of commitment to her craft, Robbie almost didn’t bag the role that is looking to be one of the biggest highlights of her career – Barbie!

Per JOE, the movie had been in the works since all the way back in 2009 when Mattel first signed a deal with Universal. It then moved to Sony in 2014, with Schumer being signed on for the part by 2017.

However, Schumer soon realised the part wasn’t meant to be as her and the studio had differing views on how the tale should be told.

She told the Hollywood Reporter: “The studio definitely didn’t want to do it the way I wanted to do it. The only way I was interested in doing it.”

Reportedly, it was a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes that marked the star’s tipping point, as the studio sent them to her to celebrate her casting.

“The idea that that’s just what every woman must want, right there, I should have gone, ‘You’ve got the wrong gal’.”

Eventually, Warner Bros. picked up the movie in 2018, with Robbie being cast by July 2019.

After all these years of build up, it is nearly time for the movie’s release, with the second trailer being released earlier this week. The hugely anticipated clip gave us an exciting glimpse into the world of plastic fantastic, but there was one detail in particular that fans couldn’t get over – Margot Robbie’s feet!

Fans have been calling the moment you see her step out of her heels ‘so iconic’, as the actress’ feet don’t change from their tiptoe position, just like the doll is always on her tiptoes.

One person called it ‘the most genius shot’ they’ve ever seen.

Another wrote: “Yes yes yes i agree! This is a universal and nostalgic core memory of little girls with their Barbie dolls. Personally, this is the first thing I remember about playing with my Barbie: the barely-touching-ground feet and fluffy pink sandals/heels. This is a perfect opening shot.”

A third said over the top of a snap of the shot: “This one screenshot has become my entire personality.”

The Barbie movie is set to hit theatres on July 21, and we already can’t wait to see what else it has in store for us all!

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