Walmart Removes ‘Offensive’ Shirt Featuring Hidden Swear Word

Walmart has removed a certain shirt from its stores following an internet frenzy as people realised its incredibly rude hidden message.

Although not designed with rudeness in mind, the message was brought to light after someone shared a snap of the T-shirt on Twitter which has now been seen over 2.7 million times.

“I need this shirt before Walmart realises what they have done. Find the hidden word,” Twitter user @whosurdaddienow tweeted alongside a photo of the clothing item in question.

The tweet blew up so much that it even forced the North American supermarket chain into removing the top from their stores!

At first glance, the T-shirt seems perfectly fine and simply promoting a green message, with the capitalised ‘RE’ in upper case being followed by suffixes ‘cycle’, ‘use’, ‘new’ and ‘think’, all in lower case.

This seemingly innocent message has a huge flaw when designed in the way it is on the T-shirt in question.

This is because the first letters of the suffixes all together spell one of the rudest words in the English dictionary – c**t!

Walmart have now realised their accidental profanity, and have removed the item from shelves, as per New York Post.

“This was not intentional, and the T-shirt has been removed,” they told Newsweek in the aftermath of the top having gone viral.

However, if you still want to bag one for yourself, tops with the same message are available on Amazon for 4 times the price!

Social media users had a whole lot of fun dissecting the rude T-shirt, with one saying: “But you can only wear this shirt on Tuesday.”

A second said: “Where can I buy this now? Will they have it in the clearance section?”

Another questioned: “Did they trash the shirts or recycle them?”

A fourth commented: “Who can’t appreciate a little charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent?”

However, not everyone saw the comedy in the controversial tee.

One person wrote: “Some people have really nothing better to do than look for issues where there is none.”

Another said: “I wouldn’t have noticed at all, but now I can’t unsee it! Why not just put the words in a different order?”

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