Aaron Carter’s Cause of Death Confirmed After Autopsy

Aaron Carter’s cause of death has been confirmed following the completion of the star’s autopsy.

The news follows the ‘I Want Candy’ singer’s death aged thirty-four back in November.

Carter first shot to fame in the late ’90s, and the teen pop singer was an instant hit. Being the younger brother of the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, he had an excellent path to stardom, performing at the age of just 7 years old. 

He went on to release his debut album 2 years later, at age 9, but what’s even more impressive is he sold 1 million copies worldwide. And his success skyrocketed from there.

His second album in 2000, Aaron’s Party (Come Get It), sold a whopping 3 million copies in the US.

Later on in his life, Carter’s relationship with his family grew strained as a result of ‘neglect’ by his parents, which led to financial difficulties when he came of age as a result of unpaid taxes, which resulted in the star declaring bankruptcy in 2013. He also accused his siblings, including his late sister Leslie and brother Nick, of abuse.

The news of Carter’s death came as a shock to fans, as the star was set to make a comeback in December of that year with the release of his sixth studio album called Blacklisted.

And now, the autopsy has been completed, and Carter’s cause of death has been confirmed.

Per TMZ, the autopsy has revealed that the star took prescription pills, including Xanax, and huffed before he died. The report says that he became “incapacitated while in the bathtub due to the effects”, and subsequently slipped under the water and drowned.

The report also says there were multiple cans of Surf Onn compressed air found around Carter’s home, as well as several prescription pill bottles.

His ex-fiancee and the mother of his son, Melanie Martin, told TMZ: “The results of the autopsy are not closure for me. It claims death is by drowning but also adds he was wearing a T-shirt and necklace in the bathtub which doesn’t make sense, why would he be in a bathtub with clothes on?

“I am still in shock and still miss Aaron every day. I don’t understand the chain of events and this report only has us asking more questions.”

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