Viewers ‘Disgusted’ By Intimate Scene Between Man And Pillow In New Netflix Show

Viewers have been expressing their disgust at a certain scene involving a man and a pillow in the new Netflix show Obsession.

The 4-part series stars Richard Armitage as William, a happily married doctor, whose life turns on its head when his son introduces him to Anna, a much younger woman. William quickly develops an unhealthy obsession with Anna, and the story flows from there.

One scene in particular got everyone talking, where viewers see William raid a hotel room that Anna had stayed in to try and find anything that belongs to her. After failing to do so, he grabs a pillow that appears to still have her scent, and let’s just say that he really goes to town on it as he sniffs and rubs himself on it, in the same way that a rowdy dog might…

The whole scene left viewers feeling rather disturbed, as they took to social media to explain.

One wrote: “The pillow in Obsession is disgusting.”

Another said: “I watched that new Netflix show Obsession and honestly I regretted it so bad. Stupid plot, dumb ending, and I’m traumatised by the pillow scene.

The show as a whole is so raunchy that Netflix even put out a warning to fans who are planning on watching the show!

The streaming service has timestamped when you should go prepare a well timed drink in the kitchen, if viewing Obsession on the streaming service was on your to-do list but you were worried by the s*xual scenes.

The official Netflix account wrote on Twitter: “If you’ve made the (questionable) decision to watch Obsession with your parents, these are the moments you’ll probably want to excuse yourself.”

This was followed by the episode numbers and timestamps, which indicated that viewers should stop watching the first episode at the 00:26:14 point.

The raunchy moments in episode two occur twice, one at 32 seconds in, and again at 22 minutes. Episode three also has two spicy scenes at 10 minutes and 15 seconds and at 25 minutes and 58 seconds; whereas episode four only requires you to leave the room at 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

The tweet’s comments section was brimming with appreciative readers who were paying attention to the warning and wanted to express their gratitude for the heads-up.

“I feel embarrassed watching it and I’m watching on my own! Or rather I’ve stopped watching as bit too risqué for me,” one person commented.

A second said: “Great series though, well worth a watch…” But warned: “Just not with the parents…”

Sadly, for some viewers, it was too late: “I cringed watching this with my wife. Episode 1. And thats as far as we go,” another said.

The show has received a poor 43% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so it appears that both viewers and critics have had different opinions on the new thriller series.

Jessie Thompson from the Independent wrote: “Obsession has been hailed as the successor to Fifty Shades of Grey, but instead it gives us an overload of shlock, foreboding string music, and some depressing, grunty shagging.”

While Chris Vognar from Rolling Stone said: “For an erotic thriller on Netflix, Obsession pays admirable attention to craft, and this makes it a lot easier to take the whole thing seriously. It’s far more cinematic than it needs to be.”

Have you been caught out by the latest show, or did you heed Netflix’s warning in time?

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