TikTok Star Dylan Mulvaney Reveals Results Of Facial Feminisation Surgery

TikToker Dylan Mulvaney has revealed the results of her facial feminisation surgery which she underwent back in December.

The twenty-six-year-old is known for her transgender activism, in particular her Days Of Girlhood series in which she shares details of her gender transition with her followers.

Mulvaney shared the results of her surgery in a rather dramatic video reveal that she posted back on January 27.

The clip begins with a title card reading “Dylan Mulvaney Starring In ‘The Face Reveal’”, before the red curtains pull back to show her standing in an incredible 2-piece white and pale blue outfit.

This is paired with knee-high silver heeled boots and some elbow-length gloves, but it is the mechanical skirt that really steals the show. Split into sections made to look like petals, each part of the skirt moves to really add to the video’s drama.

Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’ is playing over the top of the clip, which then cuts to close ups of Mulvaney’s new look after her surgery.

Then, the video takes another turn as it jumps into black and white and the content creator comes out from behind a heavy curtain, donned in a clearly Audrey Hepburn-inspired look, with her hair swept back into a classy updo, and a pearl necklace gracing her neck.

After she dips back behind the curtain, the clip takes another turn so Mulvaney can directly address her fans.

She says, while pointing at her face: “You know I have a flare for the dramatics, but it’s so good, right?

“I’m so happy. It’s still me. It’s just a little bit softer of a version.

“And, I just hope that all trans and non-binary people can get the gender-affirming resources that they need because this is life-changing and sometimes life-saving.

“Thank you so much for supporting me. We’ve got so much to catch up on. I love ya.”

The video has, at the time of writing, been viewed over a whopping twenty million times, and garnered over 3 million likes and 100,000 comments, where fans have joined in with Mulvaney’s excitement about the post-surgery reveal.

One person commented: “Did Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman have a baby?? STUNNING !!!”

They weren’t alone in seeing the similarities with Hepburn, as another said: “You are giving Audrey Hepburn!!! Dylan Hepburn has entered the building”

A third wrote: “Yes!!! Gorgeous. The face? Beautiful. The dancing? Phenomenal! Congrats, Beebee!”

A fourth added: “You look absolutely STUNNING Dylan. I’m so proud of you and happy for you.”

In a post shared back on New Year’s Day, Mulvaney explained further her opinions on the feminisation surgery.

“A friendly reminder as we start the New Year: Not all trans people desire affirming surgeries or hormones.

“They are still trans. But when we do, it’s a necessity and a win.

“Please show up for all trans people the way you’ve showed up for me,” she concluded.

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