Kim Kardashian’s Ex-Business Partner Is Living Out Of His Car And Is ‘Financially Ruined’

Former business partner of Kim Kardashian has spoken up about his precarious financial state, claiming that a disputed agreement they struck has left him “financially ruined” and living in his car.

The very popular Kardashian-themed app, Kimoji, which made an astounding $1 million in just a single minute, was developed with support from the 43-year-old David Liebensohn.

In his song “Facts,” musician Kanye West, Kardashian’s ex-husband even praises Liebensohn for his work on the app, rapping, “Kimoji just shut down the app store! And we made a million a minute, we made a million a minute!”

However, Liebensohn and Kardashian’s union ended when he filed a $300 million lawsuit against her in 2019, alleging that she had stolen his app idea and taken off with the trademark.

He asserts that he was not given any compensation for the success of the software he helped develop.

Conversely, Liebensohn allegedly voluntarily signed away all ownership rights to the app, according to Kardashian’s team, giving her “unfettered” ownership of Kimoji.

In fact, according to Kardashian’s attorney, Liebensohn’s claims were rejected by an arbitrator and a judge on the LA Superior Court in 2020, ruling in Kardashian’s favour.


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Despite the setback in the legal process, Liebensohn has been open about his financial difficulties and has used social media to share his experience, declaring that he “refuses to be gagged” any longer.

He has uploaded videos to Instagram and TikTok in which he is seen holding a cardboard sign that reads, “Kim Kardashian ruined my”

Liebensohn has disclosed that he lost his home, his $2 million business, and his family. In order to save money on rent, he is currently living in his 2011 Toyota Prius and taking showers in gyms.

When considering his choice to air his complaints in public, Liebensohn commented, “I thought people might want to know about this story, what have I got to lose right now by telling it? I’m literally sleeping in my car. I might as well put all this in a story that people can maybe make some sense out of, and see what happens.”

He acknowledged that he still holds a bitter grudge against the Kardashian and blames her and her family for his current situation.

“I blame them for all of it. Because before I met them, I was on a positive trajectory. After that, everything that I’d worked for started going downhill to the point where I’m now sleeping in my car. They’re 1,000% to blame,” Liebensohn said.

Liebensohn disclosed that the consequences of the case affected his personal life in addition to putting a strain on his finances.

His children struggled in school since they had once looked up to Kim Kardashian and her family, and he also lost his wife. Liebensohn’s story shows the repercussions of a failed business relationship and the effects it might have on a person’s livelihood and well-being. 

Although Liebensohn’s claims have been refuted by a Kardashian agent who has cited the star’s legal victories, Liebensohn is steadfast in his determination to tell his side of the tale.

He hopes that by speaking out about his predicament and raising awareness of the difficulties he has encountered after his spat with the Kardashian, he can get more people on his side, even as he continues to live in his car.

The reality star has not yet responded to his claims.

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