Mum is Outraged After Paying $4,500 For Taylor Swift Tickets Only For Her Daughter To Take Friend Instead

A mum who gave her daughter what she believed would be a once in a lifetime experience for her birthday, has spoken out about the horrible betrayal she experienced.

The tour showcases Taylor Swift’s remarkable evolution from a young country artist to a global pop sensation.

The buildup to The Eras Tour was huge, as it marks Swift’s first time on the road since 2018. Considering the star has released 6 whole albums since then, it’s no surprise that Swifties had to battle in the great war of Ticketmaster in order to get their hands on those precious tickets.

However, thus far, Swift proved her complete and utter commitment to putting her best foot forward. The show lasts for over 3 hours, with the setlist clocking in at a mammoth forty-four songs.

The tour showcases Taylor Swift’s remarkable evolution from a young country artist to a global pop sensation.

Spanning her entire career, the concert features songs from all 10 of her albums and lasts for over three hours. For those who have followed the star from the very start of her now illustrious music career, it’s a once in a lifetime experience to see her live on stage.

But understandably, it’s not cheap.

And one mum has shared her disappointment live on the radio, after she bought two tickets for her daughter’s birthday to see Swift, only for her daughter to ask a friend to go with her instead.

The caller identified herself simply as Susan and spoke over the phone about paying $4,500 for Taylor Swift tickets on the Country Mornings with Ayla Brown radio show.

It seems she was hoping her daughter would ask her to go with her to celebrate her nineteenth birthday together.

“I really wanted to go big [for her birthday],” she told the host.

“I mean, she’s turning 19. Like, we’re getting closer as friends, not just mother-daughter. So I gave them to her.”

They both screamed in delight when her daughter unwrapped the present.

“You know, I thought I was going to go,” she recalled. “I thought she was going to invite me.”

But that wasn’t the case, she instead invited a friend to go with her.

“God, I was so hurt. I was so hurt,” she said. “She has the audacity that day to say, ‘Hey, Mom, can you drive Casey and me to the show?’”

Susan then responded, saying: “You know, I have my own friend, and I’m going to go do stuff with her. And you two have a great time.”

Things escalated further when Susan’s daughter asked for payment from her for using an Uber to get to the performance and back.

The 19-year-old said that it cost a substantial $200 each way.

Susan then told the radio host: “Here’s the thing. I’m thinking about asking her to pay me back the $4,500.

“So, I just don’t know what to do. I’m really upset, but am I a bad mom?”

What do you think, is she a bad mum for wanting her daughter to take her instead of her friend?

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