Taylor Lautner And His Wife Taylor Lautner Reveal How They Individually Identify Each Other

Taylor Lautner and his wife, also called Taylor Lautner, have revealed how they manage to identify each other individually, despite their names being the same.

Now, Taylor Lautner first began working in the TV and film industry way back in 2001. His first roles included small roles in Summerland and The Bernie Mac Show, as well as voiceover parts in Duck Dodgers and What’s New, Scooby Doo?.

His first big break, however, came later on that year when he landed a lead role in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D. The star went on to act in a few more movies, before he landed the part that would change the ark of his career – that of Jacob Black in Twilight.

During his time in the franchise, Lautner dated another Taylor – Taylor Swift – who he had met on the set of Valentine’s Day. The pair dated for a few months in 2009, but ultimately called it quits before the end of the year, but not before the internet clocked onto the fact that their married names would be rather hilarious.

However, that’s not where Lautner’s relationships with people of the same name ended, as he eventually ended up marrying another Taylor! This Taylor is also, coincidentally, a huge fan of Swift, and even admitted that Speak Now is her favourite of the singer’s albums, which just so happens to be the album that the rumoured tracks about her now-husband are on!

But back to the actor Taylor – he married Taylor Lautner née Dome back in November last year, after the pair first started dating in 2018.

However, prior to their wedding, Lautner was interviewed and opened up about how it feels to be marrying someone to have the exact same name as you.

“Are you into this last name?” he asked her, as per UNILAD. “‘Cause we already share one name. So it’s gonna be extra complicated. We’re literally going to be the same person.”

However, the pair have come up with an ingenious solution as to how to differentiate themselves, despite now having identical names.

The actor Taylor Lautner goes by Taylor, whereas his wife Taylor Lautner goes by the shortening of her first name, Tay.

Regardless of the confusion over their names, fans have been speculating about what this means for the pair’s lives.

“OK but if you have a kid are you gonna name them Taylor? Ya know Tay from your name and lor from her name,” one joked.

Another commented: “How are you going to be able to tell what mail, accounts, phone calls are for who after you marry you’ll both have the same name!?”

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