Terrifying Audio Reveals Flight Instructor’s Final Moments Before Student Crashed Plane

A flight instructor’s terrifying final minutes before a student crashed the plane they were flying have been released. 

Viktoria Theresie Izabelle Ljungman, a young teacher, tragically died in the aircraft accident in Virginia, and the audio of her final moments was captured by air traffic control.

At 3 p.m. on October 6, 2022, at Williamsburg International Airport in Newport News, Virginia, Ljungman was supervising the single-engine plane which trainee pilots Oluwagbohunmi Ayomide Oyebode and another unnamed 18-year-old were flying.

According to the New York Post, Oyebode hauled the plane up at an angle that was too high during takeoff, which contributed to the plane stalling, and ultimately crashing.

Ljungman sadly died in the aircraft crash, but her two students were transported in critical condition to Riverside Regional Medical Centre for urgent treatment. 

In the audio, the pilot can be heard replying to control personnel when they ask for permission to start their route.

“Cleared for takeoff, 97883,” the pilot replies, adding: “Caution wake turbulence.” According to audio from LiveATC.net, this is a usual warning given when any plane is taking off behind a bigger aircraft.

A little later, someone exclaims, “We got a crash!”

The controller calls out “883, are you OK?” referring to the aircraft’s number, N97883.

They try again, “Are you on this frequency?” at this point, air traffic control had already sent emergency personnel to the area.

Dozens of people have shared their condolences online, with one writing: “As a former instructor, I can tell you, there are rules that we have to follow as instructors, especially when it comes to the anticipation and quick action when things turned bad.

“I myself have many stories of close calls, and if I didn’t take over, I would’ve been done too or end up in the hospital. Being a CFI is not a joke. RIP to her and may the Lord gives her family strength to go through this hard time.”

While another commented: “Wake turbulence isn’t a joke. You can hear her announce wake turbulence caution. That mixed with too much angle of attack on take off is a recipe for disaster. Really sad 😢 May she rip!!”

Our thoughts go out to her family and friends during this difficult time.

Rest in peace.

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