Nobody Noticed Imposter Dressed In Bin Bag On New York Fashion Week Catwalk Until Security Stepped In

New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest weeks in the fashion calendar, but at one show things went awry, but people didn’t even realise until security stepped in!

The show, hosted by social media agency Creators Inc., featured a variety of models, but one person stuck out as they strutted their stuff donned in a shower cap, what appears to be a clear bin bag and swimming shorts.

The interesting look was applauded by those in the audience, but not before long the so-called model was caught out by security, who was thus unveiled as an imposter.

As he got near the end of the catwalk, a member of the security team began to track him down, and eventually grabbed him and dragged him off of the runway.

The audience was understandably baffled by this, but it turns out it wasn’t a wacky piece of performance art, but actually an imposter on the runway.

Theories so far as to who pulled off the crazy stunt are focusing on Fred Beyer, a YouTuber with 300,000 subscribers, who is known for creating content revolving around pranks.

Per UNILAD, he is yet to confirm whether or not it was him, but whoever it was, they certainly made an impression!

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