People Can’t Believe How Hench Uncle Albert From Only Fools And Horses Was

Looking back on our old favourite shows can be an enlightening experience, and for people rewatching Only Fools And Horses, one thing has stood out in particular.

The classic sitcom has a multitude of iconic moments, from Del falling through the bar to that chandelier moment, it’s no wonder the show has such a cult following,

However, for some who have recently embarked on a rewatch of the show, they can’t help but notice things that they missed out or forgot from their first few watches.

In particular, people are slowly realising just how hench Uncle Albert is in the show.

Played by actor Buster Merryfield, the character is a World War 2 veteran and Sydney and Del’s long-lost uncle. He debuted on the show in 1985, but during people’s rewatching of the series they have clocked his muscular physique in a way they didn’t back in the day.

One user asked on Twitter, now X: “Is it just me or is Uncle Albert f**king hench?”

The user shared the words alongside snaps of the character in a tight mesh vest, which contrasts the usual shirt and usual combo that he wears in the show.

“You may not like it but Uncle Albert is what peak performance looks like,” another user said.

A third wrote: “Ha ha I noticed this on my latest rewatch of Only Fools. Uncle Albert? Uncle Swolebert more like!”

What some viewers may not have known is that Merryfield was actually a bit of a fitness fanatic, and, according to the Veterans Foundation, his ripped physique aided him during his service.

“In contrast to his famous ‘Uncle Albert’ character, Merryfield spent the war in the army, where his physique resulted in him being made a PT and jungle warfare instructor. Awarded an Emergency Commission in the Royal Artillery on March 13, 1942, Buster was promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant (228987).

“It was ‘during the war’ that he first discovered his love of acting when he served as an entertainments officer, putting on shows for the other troops. Merryfield was demobilised from the Army on March 16, 1946.”

“Merryfield joined Only Fools and Horses in January 1985, as the former seafaring Albert Gladstone Trotter, known as Uncle Albert.

“He passed away in June 1999 at the age of 78.”

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