Viral Amsterdam Dad Voice Note Has Been Debunked As Fake

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A viral voice note that claimed a woman encountered her father in an awkward situation in Amsterdam has been debunked as fake.

The voice note described a woman who was partying in Amsterdam and ended up at a ‘glory hole’—a partition with an opening for anonymous interactions. According to the voice note, the partition had a button that allowed people on either side to reveal their identities. The woman claimed she pressed the button and shockingly discovered her father on the other side.

If you’ve somehow not already heard it, you can here:

Initially, the story raised eyebrows and led many to question its authenticity. Vice took it upon themselves to investigate the claim by exploring Amsterdam’s glory holes.

They found no evidence supporting the existence of such a button at any of the city’s facilities.

Moreover, they reported that most of these places would turn women away, and those that did allow women confirmed that no such button existed.

The story appears to be a hoax, possibly inspired by an old Ricky Gervais comedy routine involving a similar awkward encounter. With this revelation, the unsettling tale can now be dismissed, allowing everyone to breathe a sigh of relief that no family is actually enduring such a bizarre and uncomfortable drama.

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